Okay, so the internet peoples are scheduled to come to the house Thursday morning, hopefully all will be up and fully functional by then. In the meantime, we’ve driven to the town library and are using their internet for a couple hours to get caught up.

Thank you all for the kind words regarding the power outage. All is right as rain now. I apologize that I said we were “out of water,” when I meant we were “out of RUNNING water” (the well’s pump runs on electricity). We not only got to town and brought back more water than we needed, we found out we had a kind neighbor who gets their water from a higher-elevation spring, and so no electricity was needed for them to have water. ALSO, we just were hiking, so we have water purifiers and could have gotten it from the small river nearby if needed.

I did beat myself up a bit about my process now being digital, and so I needed power to do anything, but then I cut myself some slack. Even if it was drawn on paper, I have ALWAYS done post-production digitally, and have always colored digitally. So even if I hand drew Anna Galactic, it wouldn’t have helped. So, I’m being nice to me now. In fact, I think I deserve a cookie. 😉

Overall I didn’t sweat things. Power out means we simply lost a few things in the fridge, had to think about water, and couldn’t take showers. The road blocked by a tree meant that we couldn’t get to the library to do work or get online.

And so we had a huge candlelight feast with all the perishables. We read books and did crossword puzzles and sang and payed the ukulele. I have a solar thermos (not solar panels, but with concave mirrors which concentrate the suns’s beams into an evacuated glass tube to heat the water) and so we even had hot coffee.

I know. Roughin’ it. Right?

be well, -Christopher

EDIT: Whoot! Internet kicked in!

07/27/16 Mourning 01

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  1. The kthauwk is now Anna’s bodyguard, the NEB at the well is her agent, and they’re doing tours of the knitter villages. Hishlaclone’s her business manager.

  2. Just because one may feel nostalgic for the simpler times when men were still men, women still women, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri still small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri… does not mean that we necessarily want to go back there.

    So have another cookie 😉

  3. @ Coyoty

    So that was Hishla’s master plan all along. It is all connected.

  4. FYI regarding public internet in Vermont. All maplefields have WIFI and many use it as a public internet connection point.

  5. Here have one of my trefoils…yes I still have some.

  6. Dang, I wanted to know how the tooth works. Does she rub it on the wound? Grind it up and eat it? Stab Pewter with it?

  7. How useful this all would’ve been as research _before_ you started the planetary survival story.

  8. You might want to install an old hand pump as back up if possible. You can live without food for 10 days, but without water for only 3. And maybe back up water stored for just a problem…

  9. @Night_Gaunt, good thought, but it’s just a house-sit. And also, so many backup options already. Buuuuut…. if we owned the place, I admit we would maybe consider it. 🙂

  10. Win a small lottery, and you can install solar.

    Not clear if the “tooth cure” has already been administered, or how. My imagination is probably more creative than the actuality. The tooth is already shaped like a suppository…

  11. Yay, thanks! I feel better now.

    And the art on this one is beautiful, btw.

  12. A nice and beautiful panorama in the first panel too then narrows down to the characters. A nice smooth segway.

  13. Best punchline ever.

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