Sorry to have a sad note before the weekend. Hope you have a good one! (and there is more comic still! About a month left!)

07/29/16 Mourning 02

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  1. Go home and recycle Pewter.

  2. Go home and find no one needed lauridium in the first place.
    Once again (I loved “one way” ending), you’re showing how you can make a comic both reaaally fun and romantic, if a little cynical at times. Thanks, Christopher, for all those great stories.

  3. Wow. Just. . . wow.

  4. At least this time only the monster is dead.
    Oops, what I wanted to say is, the last specimen of an endangered species has unfortunately (but peacefully) passed away.
    I’m beginning to suspect there are no such things as ‘monsters’ in Christopher’s comics.

  5. What and I didn’t make the first comment on this?

  6. @minando: I sure in reading around the Baldwinverse you’ve come across a race called the Eeebs? Remember them? Short, furry, snappy dressers, heavy partiers, heavier drinkers, ready to destroy entire star systems on a whim (and if they can’t take a joke, screw ’em)? THOSE Eeebs?

  7. Sorry to see the last of its kind die. But Anna Galactic has shown her mettle. Though of course to them it was an awful predator and so had to go.

    They look so harmless when they are dead.

  8. mmm this situation is kinda like with bears: it is sad when they’re killed, but at the same time what happens when they attack people? I have mixed feelings…

    I Just hope Anna, Foxglove and Teapot have a good reception when they return to the spaceship…

  9. The kthawk was not a wild animal, it acted with deliberate malice and that sets it apart in my view. It knew exactly what it was doing, but was too stupid to realise where it might lead.

  10. Hm. Hishla’s gone. Which suggests he’s accomplished what he wanted. I doubt what he wanted was to save Anna and/or Foxglove. What he apparently wanted was the extermination of the kthawk. So did he just take advantage of the situation….or how far back was he guiding things?

  11. And how did Anna survive the crash?

  12. I’ve always wanted to know what was going on with the ship, why the officers were lying and what were they hiding. What is on that farm? I expected this comic to be about that.

  13. The farm. The farm? Ohhh, THAT farm! Well, ahhh, … they were working on growing a variation of the plant that provided the poison to kill the K’thauwk, a variation that wouldn’t poison it but only … tame it, shall we say.

    I imagine there will be a number of persons at the farm that will be very put out. They’ve been working on this project for years, YEARS, I say. And now they have to drop their work and move on to something else with …
    … (wait for it) …
    … nary a second Kthauwk.

  14. @KNO3, maybe it got weak and landed before crashing.

    @Owen_Smith, all will be revealed. 🙂

  15. Turns Purplehair Eyescar is a secret agent masterminding the entire operation!

  16. *Turns out that Purplehair…*

  17. @Caribou

    Really? It still keeps me awake some nights. Of course, my interpretation is that they sent the ship back to earth to wipe us all out, but kept the rest of the crew to experiment on.

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