Oh my goodness. STILL no explanation. I am just waiting for you all to show up at my door with torches and pitchforks. Sorry!

I can tell you though, on Monday, the whole backstory will FINALLY be explained. Hope it lives up to the hype.

Oh, and I’m still waiting back to hear from some printers. I’m feeling more and more determined to make this happen!

Have a great weekend.Ā -Christopher

08/05/16 Homecoming 03

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  1. Hm..’we did it for the greater good’ is an explanation, too…

  2. Don’t worry, all you did in the wilderness was for nothing!

    Also: never stop, Coyoty. We love you.

  3. And that explains losing your own lauridium because?…

  4. Well, for every Douglas Adams fan the answer is clear. You have a ship full of telephone sanitizers and such. It appears the authorities wanted to clean up the gene pool a bit and shipped them all off.

    Simple as that. šŸ™‚

  5. I usually reread the “Hitchhikers Guide” every few years for the fun of it. I just finished reading that part :-)~ Glad there is another one of us out there.
    …and now for the rest of the story!

  6. @Svgeezer: you made my day.

  7. So, we can say that they should’ve been more patient (or to trust more) and wait until all was cleared?

    All their effort is of some worth now?

  8. @Christopher:

    Torches? TORCHES?? Good gravy, man! Get your head out of the 20th century! Do you know how much air pollution a torch releases, much less a whole blaze of them? No, no, NO! NOT “flaming torches”, LED torches. Energy efficient and achieves the same effect.


  9. Laser torches?

  10. Oh please, torches and pitchforks? How about really bright LED “torches” and megaphones to up date it some from the 18th to the 21st century? (Along with a military style SWAT force.)
    So the bastards sent them to become de facto colonists?
    I would think with the populations ever expanding they will have plenty of well equipped recruits to go settle a new world. Even in that future time.

  11. @nathanYEL

    I don’t see anything involving coyotYYYYYyyyy.

  12. @0Z79, it involved someone spoofing the site, long story. Coyoty is the good party in the exchange. šŸ™‚

  13. I love a good party.

  14. Oh.. then yeah, thanks Coyoty. Always nice when a member of the community can step up and take action, even if it’s just an online comics’. šŸ˜€

  15. I was the victim, not the hero, so any thanks should to to Chris for his help.

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