Hrm. Well, I got the quote back from the printer, and with so many pages (248) it is a bit pricey, and I ran the numbers quite a few times, and I just don’t think a Kickstarter is likely to be successful. Sigh. BUT, I may have P.O.D. printer who will work with me for a reasonable price. We shall see. I’ll keep you posted!

08/03/16 Homecoming 02

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  1. Worth it! -Make it happen Chris! One confirmed customer right here!

  2. Is there a way you could do it as a Part 1 and Part 2? (Or would that be harder to sell and fund, too?)

  3. “You’re ruining our wedding!”

  4. EvilMidnightLurker

    Isn’t the fact that everyone is out of the ship suggestive that something our heroes don’t know about at all is happening? I thought no one was (openly) permitted to exit the ship at all?

  5. “You’re mistaken”
    -> we did message fleet command (naturally not to get us off planet but to get the recent scores of the interplanetary league games). So technically, as we did message them, you are mistaken.

    “You have been deceived”
    -> Since I am included in the group addressed, this is technically not true either. I didn’t even have to tinker with the definition of “is” or “deceive”. You people make it so easy, did you even take PolSci 101?

  6. I love the sticky sections on the back of clothing so you can just stick packs to it without shoulder straps. I wonder how it works?

  7. @Scott_Madison, I want to! The only log-jam is waiting to hear back from the printer I might use, and then to get a sample. Fingers crossed! (and a nice plus to this is if I like them, I might set up “One Way” as well.

    @Dajagr, that would up the price, so would be harder to fund. But a good thought! Thank you. 🙂


    4th panel: Foxglove is missing her leg wound dressing.

  9. “Well, duh. Try to keep up.”

  10. Man! It seems that it won’t be the reception we were expecting for our heroes…

  11. They’re going to be so complacent and vapid that they don’t even care, aren’t they….

  12. @Coyoty, Where’s the cake? I don’t see cake. How can you have a wedding without cake? If there’s no cake and it’s supposed to be a wedding, it’s already ruined.

    I blame Pewter.

  13. Mikko Parviainen

    I would buy the book of this!

  14. I agree – do it as a volume one and volume two. You could even make the stretch goals that if it reaches the correct price point, that both volumes will be available to buy, or something? Is there a way to make that work, do you think?

  15. Wait- what? When did they figure all this out?

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