Have a great weekend! (and don’t worry TOO much about Pewter).



08/19/16 Homecoming 09

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  1. Chris, you have unleashed TEH CACKLE!!

    “You’ve been programmed to be mine, too”…

    Buh-bye, you little stainless steel lump of poo… you’ll be missed.

    Kinda. Like, maybe how Odo misses Quark.

  2. But the blue fairy will make Pewter a real person, right? Right?

    Wait, I’m thinking of “Avatar”…

  3. “I’ll always remember you, Anna–MEMORY DELETED.”

  4. And what about the lauridium?

  5. The lauridium will be placed inside the lead lined innards of Pewter, and buried under the ocean.

  6. Ironic – they need to go primitive to survive… and who is more in touch with their basic emotions than Pewter?

  7. They can just shoot him into space! Fun for the whole family!

    Especially when PottyBot picks him up. *goes off to write crossover slashbot fanfic*

  8. Can’t they utilized its radiation in some way to draw power from it as an alternate energy source? So they must stop using all technology?

    “And in a 100 years we can return to see what seeds were planted here.” Capt. Kirk to Mr. Spock about Khan and the last of the Eugenic “Supermen and women.

  9. Oh. Must one really relinquish their childhood?

  10. Foxglove was wrong to think independently and defy authority. Wrong not because she acted foolishly, but because the lying ship commander happened to manipulate his passengers and crew “for their own good”. The lying commander, ended up being the hero and to top it off, the ship passengers must cripple their technology to survive.
    All this to top up a decent adventure story. A positively vicious story so far.

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