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08/17/16 Homecoming 08

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  1. “Um… Can we throw this rock away again now?”

  2. Approved.

  3. Evil alien lands, snatches the rock from them, gives them the look, and vanishes. Up in the orbit, where the alien armada is waiting for the command to destroy ALL humans, the additional stone causes the Lauridium to reach it’s critical mass and destroys the entire fleet.
    Fireworks and wedding bells.
    The end.

  4. Okay… Something that has been bothering me about this comic from the first strip. Why is this comic named “Anna Galactic” and not “Foxglove.” Don’t get me wrong – I have thoroughly enjoyed it – I like the story, the art, the characters – even the annoying little robot (I nearly always like the robots). But Anna is never really the central character in this story. She has some interesting thoughts, and is certainly an IMPORTANT character. But she isn’t CENTRAL. From page one, Foxglove is the one doing things, deciding things, moving things forward – Anna just comes along. She helps, sure. But she doesn’t LEAD. Even the romantic arc is about Foxglove. Why is this named after Anna?

    Enquiring minds, want to know…

  5. @Kerin, a very good question. And to begin with, it would’ve been named Foxglove. It’s very subjective. But, here were my reasons.

    Foxglove and Teapot are fun, because they’re the action heroes, but they don’t really have an internal growth arc. They are there for squabbling and fisticuffs. Not to say they don’t have depth, but they are both a little more mature and less mutable.

    So, in a way, the story is really about Anna’s growth. In the beginning a lot of emphasis is put on her wanting a real adventure, of really doing things, but is afraid or has low self esteem. And so internally she develops immensely in the comic. Pretty tough as nails by the end, although still choosing to hold onto her compassion.

    If you wanted to look at it symbolically. the story is ONLY her, Foxglove and Teapot are manifestations of what she feels she wants to be, both the strong and fearless, but both also approaching it from different paths which she’s not sure which she’ll take. And Pewter represents her self-doubt and clinging to childhood. 🙂

  6. nice to hear your author’s point of view about things I felt while reading the comic but wouldn’t be able to express with words.

  7. Nice and happy so far for an ending. But is there going to be a little twist to it perhaps? We will have to wait for the final page for that.

  8. @Caribouchat. Yay! And I love talking about that stuff. 🙂

    @Night_Gaunt49, no extreme twists. Although there is still a wee bit of emotional roller coaster wee bump over the next week. But NOTHING ULTIMATELY BAD. I am being SO good. Saving up bad for Spacetrawler perhaps. 😉

  9. I really want to see the crowd’s reaction to this proposal.

  10. Why do I hear Blake’s voice going, “D’aaaw!”

  11. Plus, “Anna Galactic” is a cool sci-fi-sounding title. If the strip had been named “Foxglove” I would’ve expected, I dunno, a story about a taxidermist puppeteer or something.

  12. So the story ends with a double-wedding. Was this adapted from a Jane Austen novel? 😉

  13. @Sean_K., As far as I know, most traditional comedies end with all available pairs being paired in one way or another. Mostly Shakespeare influenced. But I am working with Shaenon Garrity to sort-of adapt (Deform? Warp?) Jane Austen. 🙂

  14. “Campaign” not “Capaign”. Fussbudgettery, I know, but still…

  15. “there is still a wee bit of emotional roller coaster wee bump over the next week. But NOTHING ULTIMATELY BAD”

    hmmmmmm…..Pewter gets dispatched (via catapult) to hide the lauridium, and Anna has a brief moment of regretting the end of her childhood, before Pewter says something that makes her realize what a terrible influence he _really_ is? But then he finds a nice crab-thing that knits him a sweater (his first ever gift!) And they all live happily ever after!

  16. Chris, you and Shaenon are two of my favorite writers/artists, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with together. She said she won’t be drawing it, xo I’ll be excited to see which of your many artistic styles come into play.

  17. EvilMidnightLurker

    Did the aliens decide to destroy all humans precisely because they observed humans in the process of genociding that other alien race mentioned earlier, or is it just coincidental karma?

  18. Ok. Now, because of what you said in this comments feed and because I’m rereading Spacetrawler before the 22nd happens, I’m thinking that ALL the characters in Spacetrawler could actually be different facets of ONE person, and this is pretty disturbing 😮

  19. @Christopher, I believe you are neither going to warp nor deform Jane Austin. You will, however, be taking an Xacto knife to the jigsaw puzzle of her work.


    Yeah, because the extermination of the rest of the human race happened a while ago. It’s all happy fields of roses (ouch, damn thorns) from here on.

  21. Second last Panel? Foxglove looks really sweet. The marriage may have a chance…

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