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05/16/14 Irretrievably Corrupt

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  1. This is not a coincidence….

  2. The plot thickens!

  3. Somehow, I find myself reminded of Robert Henlein’s “Job”…

  4. Someone apparently didn’t want to kill everyone, just kill specific files and programs. I’d be suspicious of the guy who knew how to fix a convenient catastrophe that destroyed files and avoided killing everyone.

  5. So whodunit? Have to assume it can’t be Star. My guess is a rogue A.I. copy of Vagus that achieved sentience after he was forced off of the ship.

  6. Interesting, my list of perps…just shortened. I’ve thing about people who delete data, I consider it censorship and censors get burned. Oh, dang uh was that my outside voice.

  7. Orion is the agent.

  8. Heh. I had missed Wednesday’s strip, which, now that I’ve read it, makes my oddball guess actually potentially plausible.

  9. @Bobby: You mean she is the sleeper cell?

  10. I just did some clicking trying find an earlier strip, and found out that every comment before 03/21/14 is gone! Gone, gone, GONE!!!

    … Irretrievably corrupt, one might say …

  11. @Muzhik, that was when I changed wordpress themes. Comicpress was great, but I found it limiting because posts weren’t actually “posts” and so various plugins I wished to use were useless. And so i had to rebuild the whole thing post-by-post, and the comments did not transfer. Apologies. :-/

  12. CthulhuEarring

    It’s Olivia, of course. She has been under alien control all along.

  13. One of them isn’t human or has been infected and isn’t part of the crew, but against them. Or rivals who want to sabotage this expedition because they have their own on their way to the same destination.

  14. The ship is actually purgatory and Vagus is the only one that went to heaven or Reincarnated

  15. Or maybe it’s simply easier for a lazy geek to wipe the files and lie about it than do the tedious work of trying to work on the translation.

  16. (Not saying geeks are lazy, obviously, just that this one is).

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