I will be tabling in Minneapolis at Convergence SF/F Con this weekend! Come on by!


I am off to Minneapolis. I shouldn’t miss any strip updates, but please excuse me if any hiccups happen along the way.

My sweetie and I took a walk around Hovey Pond in town, and saw a bunch of frogs and red-winged blackbirds. Plus, baby birds! 🙂


07/02/14 Orion Reconsidering

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  1. I find I’m enjoying this comic a lot more now that I am certain that none of these folk are coming back. (now that I think about it, there might be hidden cameras in the ship so that they can televise it back at home).

  2. Swifts. Cute. Plus they eat mosquitos which makes them truly beautiful creatures.

  3. I’m so sad I can’t make it to CONvergence! Any chance you’ll be visiting any other locations around the Twin Cities before you leave?

  4. That doesn’t really sound like the regrets of a double agent…

  5. I really like that last panel. Something about the way the light was handled….

  6. @Chaucer59, I’m with you on the swifts, but for my defender against mosquitoes, I am strictly a bat man.

    (For some reason that doesn’t sound the way I think it should sound…)

    • I live in Austin. We have Mexican freest ail bats, swifts, swallows, purple martins, and nighthawks, and we STILL have a mosquito problem. Evil little bastards.

  7. (You know… I don’t think this is going to be the case, it doesn’t seem like that sort of comic… but part of me thinks it would be really awesome if this all turned out to be a massive social experiment to turn a dysfunctional crew into a useful one…)

  8. It looks like they won’t come back alive. You can never tell. I won’t till it happens an THE END shows up.

  9. @Muzhik, we have swifts, barn swallows and purple martins around here – as well as bats. I haven’t been skeeter-bit this year (so far). I have martin and bat boxes in my back yard, the swifts and barn swallows live elsewhere but hunt all over. We also seem to have a lot of hummingbirds for some reason. Maybe some neighbors put out hummingbird feeders, dunno. They like my flowers, though, and patronize them daily.

  10. Wow, that is perhaps the biggest cabin I have ever seen aboard a non-civilian ship. I don’t even recall the captain’s cabin being that big, although it has a better view…

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