Spending a couple days in Minneapolis to enjoy the city. It’s the third time I’ve been here for this convention, and it’s the first time I gave myself an extra couple of days to go into the town, museums, etc. Haven’t done that since probably around 15 years ago when I was visiting friends out here.

Convergence-Con was great. Still recovering and cleaning up the mess, will blog more about it when I get Ā a moment. In the meantime, here’s a picture I took of Hagrid’s Book Of Monsters enjoying Spacetrawler.


07/07/14 Queen Of Cool

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  1. I used to live in Minneapolis, up until 1992, when I moved to Japan (then Texas, then Japan again), and was fairly active in the local SF group, MnStf (Convergence was after my time). Glad you had a good time there.

  2. I did! I love the twin cities. šŸ™‚

  3. So, Imperial March?

  4. CthulhuEarring

    It is strange, the way you draw boobs; mostly like a single entity instead of a pair like you did in SpaceTrawler.

    I have not seen that associated with this quality of drawing, in a cartoon where we expect people tortured occasionally, or beaten and bleeding, or mutliated, or dying.

    Plus of course, the sex situation. In OTHER cartoons that do it, that I know of, sex does not exist at all. (I am sure someone out there knows exceptions… which will not remove the sense of oddness…)

    But you CAN draw better boobs. Is it more of an effort thing, a conservative thing, or a coherence with previous drawings thing to do it uniboob way?

    The spacetrawler and one way so far is otherwise 100% cool. (-;

  5. @CthulhuEarring, I blame photography and computers. Once photography make it possible to realistically represent objects, artists began experimenting with different representations of reality. Go check out how Picasso did boobs. Or Dada. (Cue pun re: art belongs to dada — segue)

    As for computers, if Christopher is drawing on a digital pad then he may have templates set up, or clips of boob outlines in a clip library. Just drag and drop into his current work and BAM! just shaved 10 minutes off his required output for the day. Imagine how much time would be saved if he had to draw a whole day’s strip like this with all the female characters taking showers.

    Not that I’m suggesting he draw any such thing. We do want to keep this strip Suitable For Work. Mostly.

  6. I’m confused by these comments. Olivia’s showing cleavage here. Definitely two boobs. The towel isn’t closely conforming to her cleavage, but, y’know, towels don’t. That’s not how fabric works.

  7. It was cool to see you at Convergence once more. Hope to see you next year. šŸ™‚

  8. Are we expecting mutilation and torture?

    Or is that just the person who is way too concerned with a couple of lines that represent one minor part of the anatomy in a non-gratuitous drawing.

    That said, I do miss SS Myra. Go liquor Mr. Walker up please Chris.

  9. I do wonder why you hide nudity here. This is the internet after all. Isn’t this an “adult” type of comic? Even the “safe nudity” you could get away with. Just a nasty hold over from our ancient hatred of nakedness and sensuality from Christianity that still reigns supreme. (Male & female of course.) Still it is your comic. And it is still great.

    All parts of the anatomy are important. You would not like to be missing them any more than myself.

    I do miss the pleasures of SS Myra too. Harmless fun.

  10. @Pedro, great to see you too! šŸ™‚

    @Night-Gaunt, this is intended to be an all-ages project, and so it is SFW. šŸ™‚

  11. With all the discussion about boobies and such, I do want to compliment you and cheer you on the attitude expressed in the final panel. Yay!

    And for revealing what is truly important in life and in our lives, I just want to say, YAY, DEATH!

  12. Boobies are a species of bird.

  13. So are titmouses (titmice?), but can you imagine what this web page would look like if we started exploring THAT combination of ornithology?

  14. Knowledge and acknowledgement of (eventual) death seems to mark a watershed, between “Nineteen-and-Bulletproof” and “Mortal-and-Catching-Up”; perhaps adulthood.
    I’ve known I was on ‘borrowed time’ since about fifth grade, when the five Navy Captains came back and said “Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome”. This heart is a little weird, but it didn’t keep me out of the Marines, nor a commissioning program (I blew that one on my own, thanks!)
    A crazy old girlfriend said “You act like you’re going to live forever, or die tomorrow!” I thanked her, that’s what I’ve been steering for!

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