Some heat finally hit us, after a very mild summer so-far. Felt good, but also felt sticky.

Painted a little last night. Yet ANOTHER of our cats is sick (but is recovering). Got out CSA share today, thinking of making soup. The usual.

07/23/13 Cup Of Coffee

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  1. What the heck is going on with your RSS feed? I’m receiving the same comics multiple times a day, at least four or five times.

  2. Not sure – no problems here.

    Also, “on its way”.

  3. Coffee will save the day. Or some other human commodity the aliens never imagined they must have even if it means consorting with those heathens. Their entire society will collapse when Star dunks a tea cookie in coffee and says, “Try this.”

  4. Wooo! Finally, we see some emoting from Francisco!

  5. First meeting of the Ex-Captains club! Serving coffee. With Bourbon.

  6. Coffee with bourbon. Most wise.

  7. @Coyoty, or you could go the traditional route and get them hooked on opium, the way the British did to the Chinese.

    • I considered that, but the crew doesn’t have opium. (Well, maybe our suspected sleeper agent who’s constantly sleeping does.) They’re more likely to get hooked on something innocuous to humans anyway, like the invaders in Harry Turtledove’s World War series got hooked on ginger.

  8. Ah! I see! Sugar! SUGAR! SUGAR CUBES ALL AROUND!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha…ha…ha…heh…

    …sorry about that…

    The first time I went on Weight Watchers, some mumble-mumble years ago, you started out with a 5-week plan that cut out all sugar and artificial sweetness — no diet drinks, no nothing. Years earlier, I had heard that sugar was more addictive than heroin. I scoffed at the idea at that time, because SUGAR IS NATURAL! It took a week, but I learned what going cold turkey off a mood-altering substance is like.

    Nowadays, it would probably take a month…

    (Are you done with that frosted cinnamon roll? Can I just lick the plate? No?)

  9. If you were here you could. Just soaked an oven baked cinnamon roll with a cinnamon sugar butter mix and ate it with a frosting dip.

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