Chalk Fest went…. not at all. It rained all night before and here and there through the day. Ah well. Might be rescheduled September 18th. We’ll see. but all was fine. Inked more “Little Dee” pages, and then my dad and his girlfriend had come out to see the chalk-fest, so instead we walked around art-walk and then had dinner, which was super nice.

Listening to the audiobook of “Confederacy of Dunces,” which I haven’t read for a good long time. What a wonderful novel, so far ahead of its time (1963!). Love it.

08/22/14 Complete The Mission

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  1. That means no more messing with meds and Higgs engines, okay? You know who you are.

  2. Possible savior of Earth?

  3. Should Angie’s tag be updated to Outs’n/Cap’n, or would that be a spoiler alert?

  4. @Herandar, I’ve debated that in my head, but since the main point is their name to follow them, and also the reason you cited, I’m keeping the original names. 🙂

  5. Maybe they could spend more time on the alien language, see if an error had been made. Too bad it was a one-way-mission.

    I have more in common with Angie in this scenario. Not one for making friends easily and this set up is the worse possible for a person like myself. Everyone so close together. However I would be doing something other than sitting on my thumbs.

    Too bad we don’t have a pictorial representation of the Aliens.

  6. Yeah, and whoever tampered with Star’s meds, do not frame someone else.

  7. In the fourth panel, the second “it’s” doesn’t want that apostrophe.

  8. Thanks, @Jason! Fixed! 🙂

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