I know I mentioned getting a car… but… perhaps I said that too prematurely.


If anyone knows of a reliable minivan/wagon/van within my reach, in the 1.5-3k range. One that will go cross country and then some, and that a mechanic would give the thumbs up — drop me a line. 🙂

if anyone wants to donate a vehicle (of any sort, but which is reliable as per above) to a poor-yet-adventurous cartoonist in exchange for, I don’t know, an oil painting? Now’s your chance!

12/19/14 Tallied Votes

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  1. Uh oh, I smell survivors guilt.

  2. Around here, slightly-beater minivans go for just about $1K; Craigslist (with references), friends of mechanics you trust, even eBay. Oh, and expect to use that other $1K for the upgrades to ‘reliable’, as has been mentioned.

  3. have a suggestion, these run like tanks..safe and overbuilt, go forever..500K is not unusual..


  4. @Pbarnrob, yes, that’s about what I’ll be looking at. Maybe more about 1.5-2k to buy, and another k to get it reliable.

    @Mark_G, I do keep an eye out for volvos. There was a nice 240 station wagon I considered, but I was too slow and someone else got it. :-/

  5. Ha! Volvo ftw. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

    Swedish pride. 🙂

    (although my family always had SAABs and still do, even though they’re not produced anymore)

  6. I expected it to be Gordon. He’s the one who foiled Lamont, after all.

  7. The feels! Oh, the feels!

    (Does anyone else suspect the captain of rigging it?)

  8. I suspect the same Stewart

    Christopher, i hope everything works out and you get a good car, its always risky but there are good cheap cars out there! All the best

  9. a couple subies, a couple volvos, even a running mercedes. all within about a 2 hour ride from saratoga…..


  10. So if they just send her back alone – will Earth believe her when she says the rest were all killed? Do they get to make last-goodbye videos to send home?

    ‘Cause that would be the ultimate horrid end – to go back with that knowledge, that experience, and have it disbelieved…

  11. Is it just me, or do people seem to do an excessive amount of head lolling in the future?

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