01/01/14 Family Matters



Happy New Years!

Apologies for any delays in the website loading. Traffic has been a bit high, and it’s been a bit slow. New servers have been ordered, should be up in a few weeks, so looking forward to that.

Welcome to those here from Girl Genius! Awesomeness. Hi. :)

For my regular readers, I’ll be filling in for the b&w artwork for January/February for Girl genius. And drawing it has been a blast! You can see the blog regarding Girl Genius  here and the comic (I’m in) here.

Now, as I am writing this on Dec 31, I’m going to leave my desk and have some bubbly with my sweetie. Have a great night! Don’t drink and drive!

12/30/13 Sister’s Call



Welcome to my new project, “One Way.” A Sci-fi gag strip with enough of a wee bit of background story to give it form.

It’s still a tiny bit in development. Mostly in background details and such. The characters and dialogue are solid, so you might not even notice. Luckily, my good friend Fred knows about things like SCIENCE and has been super helpful figuring out all the logistics. Thanks, Fred!

December simply got away with me. Spacetrawler book #3 arrived back from the printer and it took time to fulfill my Kickstarter orders, I was wrapping up Spacetrawler, and I also have been doing the drawings for a two-month fill-in of Girl Genius (which will run there January and February). Oh, plus a holiday.

So, there are some tweaks to be made to the ship, and I’m using an entirely new process which throws a bit of a learning curve at me, but it’s always fun learning and settling into a new groove.

And that groove is going to be awesome. So, buckle in.