Happy New Years!

Apologies for any delays in the website loading. Traffic has been a bit high, and it’s been a bit slow. New servers have been ordered, should be up in a few weeks, so looking forward to that.

Welcome to those here from Girl Genius! Awesomeness. Hi. :)

For my regular readers, I’ll be filling in for the b&w artwork for January/February for Girl genius. And drawing it has been a blast! You can see the blog regarding Girl Genius  here and the comic (I’m in) here.

Now, as I am writing this on Dec 31, I’m going to leave my desk and have some bubbly with my sweetie. Have a great night! Don’t drink and drive!

01/01/14 Family Matters

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  1. Star’s eyes are still ginormous.

  2. Or are you keeping her eyes that way?

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