01/06/10 Martina’s Fate


Before I continue with editorial help I’ve received, I just wanted to give some thank yous.

First off, thank you for the links, that’s one of the best ways to support Spacetrawler, getting the word out. Erin over atBigCloset TopShelf, Gary over at Fleen. And Twitter, thanks for the many of you who tweeted, Le_Woodman, Kiplet, alicebentley, erinhalfelven, stewartfritz, culturepulp, jonrosenberg, tommasz, comicsbin, ElBueno, kevinwmooreand I’m sure many more.

But biggest, baddest, and bestest, thank you to Corey and Danielle. Without the technical and hosting support they’ve provided over the years, I’m not sure how possible. (Sorry, Corey, for the other night when my brain was fried and I thought I was on an old version of comicspress. Phew, I was out of it.)


  1. Frank

    What we think of the comic? Well, if we’re here, at the fifth comic, after only two weeks; it’s obvious the story is engaging, the characters have got us hooked, and the art is superb*. I mean, how many webcomics do you know where you can make out the little chess-piece-style base holding up the sticks holding up the railing to the staircase?

    *This list is basically lampooned from 6th grade Language Arts: a story needs plot, characters, setting, and theme; and so far, you’ve aced the first three, but I can’t really say anything on what the comic is “about” yet.

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