01/18/10 Pierrot


Happy Martin Luther King Day. Please be nice to everyone.

And another thank-you for editorial assistance, Mike Russell. I met Mike within a year of moving to Portland back in 2000. We met in an interview, and started drinking together after that. He lent a hand in 2005 by contributing two fill-in strips for Little Dee (the last two strips on this page). but most of all, he’s one of the nicest guys I ever met.

Online, he writes excellent comics and movie reviews at Culturepulp.

On Spacetrawler, he helped with some of the pre-script brainstorming over burritos last February. In September he provided very thorough line-editing including suggested revisions. His edits were really helpful, in particular his guidance in helping me understand where to avoid awkward sentence structure. Thanks, Mike!


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