03/01/10 Meet The Crew



  1. JKCarroll

    Nogg is John Lennon, Krep is Yoko, Gurf is Ringo, and Cardinal62 is Paul. (He’s dead, you know. The conspiracy theorists deny it, but we know better — it’s a conspiracy.)

    Speaking of conspiracy theories, why is this the second strip in a row that you’ve had her hiding behind the others? (Or are we just supposed to THINK she’s hiding behind the others, when in fact she’s rewiring the ship so she can have internet access and get onto her Gaia account?)

  2. JKCarroll

    Sorry — by “HER” I mean “YURI”.

    (C’mon — you really didn’t expect MARTINA to hot-wire a spaceship. Unless … Martina in panel 9 is really Yuri in disguise. Ooooh — wheels within wheels…)

    (Has anyone seen my coffee? It was in my hand a minute ago, then I put it down to start typing, now the cup is gone and my cats are racing around the apartment and laughing at me. Stupid cats.)

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