03/17/10 Smooth


I had a really good time at the Emerald City Comic Con. Thank you all for coming out, and specifically to those who made it to my table. I enjoyed chatting with all of you all weekend. 🙂

I finally got to meet Bill Barnes and Dave Kellet, as well as got to welcome Scott Kurtz to our fair city (somehow though I missed the chance to say hello to Kris Straub and Brad Guigar).

I said my usual Hellos to the Portland crowd: Indigo KelleighDylan Meconis, Erika MoenSteve Leiber, and Johnzo. Always a pleasure and I look forward to seeing them all again in a month at Stumptown.

Saturday night I went along with Indigo to a “Drink and Draw” to meet some local cartoonist (Calamity John and Adam among others), of who I have been woefully unfamiliar. Good times were had.

And special thanks to Jeff and Holly for putting together the Topatoco booth. Not only for the great support and and awesome booth, but it provided me a chance to meet a bunch of the other artists they represent.

Most of my time was spent sandwiched between Jon Rosenberg, making jokes and talking shop-talk,


and Kate Beaton, who I chummed with but she was very busy cheerily  attending to her persistent line.


I enjoyed myself. Ate decently. Didn’t drink too much. Made modest but respectable sales. met good folk. A good report.


  1. Frank

    An interesting insight into Yuri’s life. Do we want to know what she’s proposing, Chris?

    Also, it’s funny how random the mind is. The second-last pannel just reminded me that Dimitri is from Russia, and that Russia is also where the Orthodox Church is. Heh.

    Lastly, really funny how Yuri spews her (?)Mountain Dew being careful to shoot it over her (?)Blackberry

  2. The Walrus

    Well, a new light shines on all this after today’s comic.

    Also, I didn’t notice the thought balloon in the ninth panel during my first read through of the archives.

    That Pikachu looks distressed.

  3. Ian

    I figured it out.
    Dimitri is the comic’s ‘Ambiguously Bisexual’ guy.
    A ladies man, but he did seem up for the anal probing, and yet, well, if he is into some of the more interesting stuff, well, it opens up his options.

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