03/22/10 The Rebellion


At the Seattle Comic Con someone asked me if I had an RSS feed. the answer: YES. The little orange square on the upper right side of this page is your RSS link. For those who don’t know what an RSS feed is, it’s one place where you can have all your favorite blogs and comics and news sources come to you. I use livejournal as my RSS reader, but most people use Google Reader.

Speaking of ways to follow me, I’m on both Facebook and Twitter, and you can see my other work at littledee.net and baldwinpage.com.


  1. JKCarroll

    Reminds me of talking with my ex-wife:

    “So you DON’T think this outfit makes me look fat?”

    “Uh, err, … ok …”

    “So you think I SHOULD buy it?”

    “Uh, err, … ok …”

    See you later, dear. I’m going to take a quick jog around the minefield…

  2. Frank

    Sometimes you have to wonder why spaceships in movies don’t have auxiliary controls. Wouldn’t it be logical that something separated from the vacuum of space by only a thin transparent layer could be easily damaged? Centralizing all the controls in one room makes it too easy to lose control of the spaceship, either by damage or by mutiny. While this may be acceptable when you’re on a boat built with limited resources and will always be at most a few hundred miles from land, it definitely is a problem when your nearst “land” is several lightyears away. (How long is this trip, anyhow?)

    And don’t get me started on self-destruct mechanisms.

    On the bright side, nice to see the Medi-bot succeeded, and that Dustin is accepting the bar-bot’s clothes. He’s going to do this every other week, isn’t he? 😀

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Remember the original Star Trek? They had an auxiliary station you could run the ship from. I believe there was a console in the engine room that could also control significant areas of the ship.

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