03/29/10 Support Fleet


I just finished listening to the audiobook, “Star Wars – Millennium Falcon.” Why did I do this? Curiosity, I suppose. What would a book in the Star Wars universe be like? I didn’t know. And how could I resist the premise of Han and Leia married, older, and caring for the grandkid.

The reader was a bit over the top. The effeminate voices he used for the people at the “dog show” were only topped by the very effeminate voice he used for the male hairdresser. Ah, good times in the land of cheese.

My favorite part was where the grandkid ran off, and Leia used the force to find her. What grandparent wouldn’t use that useful skill?


  1. Wait. Why were Han and Leia at a dog show? Is that the best entertainment they can find in a space opera? I like dog shows, but you’d think Star Wars would get a tad more exotic.

    If my kid runs away, I’ll have to use the old fashioned method of finding her. Check the strip clubs.

  2. Alex

    I know this is a really old issue of your comic (over a year!) but I’ve been reading your archives since you were linked over at PvPonline. I just wanted to say (though you’ve probably heard this by now) that if you’re going to read some Star Wars universe fiction, you should read some GOOD Star Wars universe fiction. Yes, it exists, and it’s not intensely silly! Timothy Zahn wrote an excellent trilogy (+2, later) centered around the main characters from the original movies in the years after the end of the Rebellion and the establishment of the New Republic. Check it out! http://www.amazon.com/Heir-Empire-Star-Wars-Trilogy/dp/0553296124

    (Oh, also, I dig the comic!)

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