03/24/10 Vegetarianism


I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front. I have many thoughts and reviews and totally unnecessary things to add below the strip, some of which I’m sure one or two of you may even read. but for now I’m finishing up Dee, doing the pre-press for the last book, and so I’m sapped.

Love you all though. Like a brother.


  1. Frank

    I’ve been wondering about that, ever since Emily revealed her battle cry to be, “For my coyote brethren!”

    Emily is coming out to be quite cool. Such a well-reasoned argument, and still able to stop Pierrot’s fist in mid-flight.

  2. Hi, Christopher. I’ve just trawled (pardon the pun) through your site and read your archive. You, sir, are a genius – this is a brilliant comic and I will definitely be following the adventures. My favourite page so far was the one where Dimitri was introduced – that final panel is utterly hilarious! Celebratory Rich Tea biscuits all round!

  3. Nick

    Panel 4 – Emily: “Stop acting crazy … .”
    Panel 7 – Emily –> Pierrot: “WHAM!”

    And coyotes aren’t even “of the desert” as much anymore. Lots of them in the Northeast US now, too.

  4. Christopher

    Spencey: Thanks!
    Coyoty: I think people are the chicken of the desert. Lucky for them, I’m a vegetarian.
    TeaButterfly (hi!): No logos at present! But it is on the list of things to do once Dee is wrapped up. 🙂

  5. Night-Gaunt

    In nature many animals, including humans, will eat their dead. They hold no sentimentality or disgust at it, just cold logic of survival and a handy food supply. In times of famine cannibalism happens. It is a survival mechanism. But even so some people would rather starve than do that. Understandable. Just hope we are never put into such a position to do so.

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