04/05/10 Bollyck Attack



Tomorrow is the final day of my comic strip, Little Dee, which many of you have come from to read Spacetrawler. It’s been a struggle running both strips simultaneously these last 3 months, even more-so in the last few weeks as I prepped the final Little Dee book and limited print.

In ways it has helped, it has forced me to find the balance I need in creating Spacetrawler, somewhere between obsessive-level craftsmanship and simply getting the damn thing done. I’ve had to make choices: which details I was doing for the benefit of the strip and which simply for my own over-perfectionist side. I think the results have been good.

I am now looking forward to spending more time on building their ship, the IA Star Banger, in Sketchup. Right now it is a hull full of houses of cards. But I understand the process now, I know how to build the inidividual models, how to use the software quick and dirty and find looks I want.

Anyhow. If you don’t know Little Dee, read it, and support me in my creatings: buy the books, buy the print. Or look for my other products at Topatoco.

p.s. – did you know I also blog about food? I do. Well, I’ve been out of that loop the last four months due to the release of Spacetrawler. But Sunday night I got back in the saddle and made Rhubarb Jam. It took 10 minutes and was awesome.


  1. JKCarroll

    1. Just finished reading “Little Dee”. Good show, good show. () Sorry. Allergies, you know. Makes my eyes water sometimes…

    2. GO GURF!

    3. Where are the Little Dee t-shirts? I mean, besides “LibrArian” and “Rogues of Wool”. Where is the Undead Flamingo printed on “… soft and comfortable black American Apparel 2001 and 2102”? If you can draw Yuri wearing a “Dresden Codak” t-shirt, why can’t Aaron Diaz draw one of his characters wearing a shirt with Vachel looking cool, or the “Evil is Awesome” zombie possum? BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T MADE THE SHIRTS, THAT’S WHY!

  2. JKCarroll

    (Sorry. Not used to this commenting section, and made a bad choice of “” marks. The parenthesis should have a “sniff” between them; and the comment should have ended with me stomping off into the corner for a proper sulk

    (Going off into the corner now to sulk, my proper sulk having been ruined by the vagaries of HTML coding…)

    (P.S. If you DO make some more Little Dee t-shirts, maybe you could include the quote about “Tummy Manifest Destiny”?

  3. Speaking of T-shirts a funny coincidence happened the other day. I had just come across the Rogues shirt while exploring the site it’s on, and a minute later I found something I decided to post on Facebook about. the book threw me a captcha –
    “brogues of”!

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