04/07/10 Wingship Controls


On FRIDAY I’ll be doing a “Book Club” Spacetrawler guest strip for Unshelved, an awesome comic by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes. Since my sister, Kevin Moore, Sara Ryan, and others I know are librarians, I did a librarian theme week in Little Dee (including t-shirt), and use my own local branch CONSTANTLY, I am pleased to be a part of this.

I’ll post a brief link to it in blog from on friday (for you RSS users), and then I will mention this again with Monday’s strip.


  1. Frank

    So funny at so many levels, despite Yuri having been just shot . Seriously, that’s not easy to pull off

    I particularly like the EEEEeeeeEEᴱᴱᴱᴱᴱᴱEeeeEᴱᴱᴱᴱ moment, and you wouldn’t believe how accurate the “fuck, fuck, fuck” is

  2. Frank

    JKCaroll, Uruguayans, like most South Americans, tend to yell “fuck fuck fuck”* over any mishap. Trip and drop your glasses? “fuck fuck fuck…”. Spill a drink on your report? a considerably longer string of “fuck fuck fuck”s. Computer crashes when you’re about to save, a much louder list of “fuck fuck fucks”. You can see where I’m going with this. I expect by the “friend has been shot” level of mishaps, I should be able to follow the “fuck fuck fucks” from the next county.

    *(“Fuck” is one of the strongest swearwords in English. Going by common-ness and offensive-ness, the Spanish equivalent would be “Coño”. I wouldn’t advise you to look it up, though, just like I wouldn’t advise you to google the word “fucking”)

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