05/10/10 Bird Hunter


I had dinner with Bill Barnes and Jean (not Gene) the other night. Bill adores the business side of comics, and so we had some excellent conversation about the topic. He also pointed out to me that Spacetrawler was like Red Dwarf. I thought this a ludicrous comparison until I thought about it, and came up with no good argument against it. It is probably the simplest comparison, if nothing else, so I’ll allow him to be right by way of Occam’s Razor. (Oh, and thanks for the link from Zona, who thought Spacetrawler maybe like The Last Starfighter or My Favorite Martian)

Apparently it’s interview week in sci-fi comics: check out the interview with Howard Taylor (Schlock Mercenary) as he speaks about Success in Webcomics with the Webcomic Beacon, and Kris Straub (Starslipinterviewed in Chicago by TGT Webcomics.

And lastly, We went out and saw “Terribly Happy,” (its Danish name is “Frygtelig Lykkelig”). I know, I know, we should have been out seeing “Iron Man 2” (or “Babies” if we were feeling sentimental), but we chose this dark farcical psychological cop thriller out of Denmark which just arrived in alternative theaters. And I reeaallllly enjoyed it. The morals are very ambiguous, the motivations tainted but not horrid, well… “tainted” maybe eventually finding “horrid” along the way and having a drink together, and all in all it’s a whirlpool of uncomfortable fate which you’ll find in any good farce. With a bog at the bottom. And a legend of a two headed cow. And there’s a cat who is very cute. Emphasis on “uncomfortable.”


  1. Jeff

    Christopher, I am loving this tale. Thank you muchly!

    After reading this page the very strange thought occured to me that Dimitri may actually be the most ethical individual in this story! Everyone else seems to be operating with various levels of self-delusion or hypocrisy – but not only does Dimitri always seem to be completely frank and honest with others and himself, he also never tries to coerce anyone either physicaly or emotionally.

    And yet, none of that makes him particularly appealing or admirable (to me at least). Facinating!

  2. Frank

    “I came, I saw, I killed.” Yup, that sounds like Emily. It’s funny that she’s more worried about our ever-slowing population growth (Europe is actually trying to motivate people to have kids!) than about, say, Global warming and desertification. And in fact, she embraces dessertification (mankind taking over everything with junk food).

    It’s funny how the bar-bot had Dimitri’s vodka ready before he even got to the bar. Also, is Emily’s drink blue?

  3. Night-Gaunt

    The rate of growth may be slowing but the numbers are approaching 7 billion faster that when we hit 6 billion. Don’t kid yourself we have too many people and the bulk of them are starving and living in worse conditions than the Neolithics did. At least they had clean water and air and soil and food.

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