09/08/10 Growp Means Business


I live in Seattle, and am not at PAX. But tweets seem to indicate that people are having fun. Mike, Jerry, and Scott announced an upcoming comic The Trenches. Video Games were played.

On a final note, the robot exoskeletons in today’s strip were based on a doodle I did quite a few years back for the intended amusement ofΒ Bill Mudron.



  1. Mr.orbotron

    Well, she did live with coyotes…and eat them at the same time.
    A decoy isn’t to be unexpected.
    She seems to be the crazy loony raised by and raises wolves so she can eat them, and then sell the rest of the meat to buy more wolf meat.

  2. Kat

    Chris, now that I’ve been voraciously reading this strip for months, I can (apologetically) admit that at first… I was not a fan. But now I love it so much that I always save it for last in my daily webcomic routine. πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much for the gorgeous drawings and the addicting story!

    oh, and @Herb, that was the THIRD time today for me, in three totally unrelated contexts, that the subject of Rock β€˜Em Sock β€˜Em Robots has come up. What does it mean??

  3. stevegallacci

    “Rock’em, Sock’em Robots was a toy/game from the dim past before computo-games. Two players would manually control a pair of plastic toy robot figures in a boxing ring, a lucky hit to the jaw of an opponent would trigger the head to sproing, indicating a knock out. You tube may have the old TV ads?

  4. Kat

    @SteveGallicci, I’m *plenty* old enough to remember those awesome robots (and the sproinging heads!!). I was saying “what does it mean?” in a kind of Double Rainbow sort of way…

    hooray for youtube!

    and sproinging.

  5. Mark

    This web-comic rocks! And, it is possibly my most favorite-Inventive-Science/Fiction/Funny strip out there! Dustin’s character seems to be a little neglected though, as of late….However, I am sure that will be taken care of soon!

  6. JKCarroll

    @Mark, Dustin will do just fine with a little neglect. He’s Aussie, so he’s hardy. Just sprinkle a little beer on him once in a while and make sure he gets the occasional football game on the monitor, and he’ll do fine.

  7. Charlie

    You know, when this started i was a bit wary of it, but it’s grown on me. Hell, i can even remember most of the characters names, which is kind of big for me since i read way more comics than i should, and have a hard time remembering the names of characters i’ve read for years.
    Your characters are crude, coarse, crazy, and strangely loveable.

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