09/13/10 The Crew Musters


I had a very exciting creative week this week. I finished the pencils for a freelance job, wrote a new submission for my editor at MAD, designed a new outfit for Pierrot, and I put the finishing touches on designs for merchandise, which I’m very excited about. There will be holiday cards, tee-shirts, and mugs very soon. Watch this space!

Oh, and a nice paragraph about Spacetrawler in a blog by Orren Merton. Thanks, Orren!

And lastly, today after making some slow cook scottish oats (that could be a euphemism), and we skated a nice portion of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle today. Fun!



  1. Mark

    I love Pierrot’s reaction to Dimitri’s dress- And the slow, take-your-time to react attitude that they display, especially with the now-obvious, intrusion of the baddies ! Nice all the way around story as usual Christopher !

  2. Mr.orbotron

    I just love how Dusty’s face doesn’t change at all.
    He’s kinda out of it , as Miss Kitty caper tossed him.
    At least, I HOPE she caper tossed him.
    Even a single flip really helps with velocity and momentum.
    I mean, just try to imagine Dusty wheeling through the air, with that face.

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