09/20/10 Stumbling Blocks


Random links from people talking about Spacetrawler: Bill Barnes of Unshelved recommending me to read Tricked by Alex Robinson, Hobster designing space beings, Geeky Collector collecting, Nitwit comic punting, Gary at Fleen admiring the art for sale,  Brian Dunbar complimenting my comic prowess also here, and Lurkerwithout descending into dullness. Good times.

Oh, and on a side note. Today’s Scenes From A Multiverse made me laugh out loud. Jon is such a nutcase.

On the home front, we have grown a fairly large bed of tomatoes. Sadly, the rain and cold has come early, and they started splitting because of too much water. So, my girlfriend picked them all and brought them in. So now they sit on the windowsill waiting to ripen (yes, those are ALL tomatoes). It’s so nice to grab a small piece of mozzarella, pick a leaf off our basil plant, and pop them in my mouth with a freshly ripened tomato. Mmmm. 🙂



  1. JKCarroll

    So you’re not going to slice the green tomatoes, dredge them in flour and spices, then fry them up?


    BTW, how are the plans for the Great Butterscotch Pudding Challenge coming along?

  2. Mark

    Uhhh, the pottybot is kind of disturbing on many levels ! Also, i have noted that all of the various stun guns etc. have to be set up with large trigger guards (for hooves/tentacles and the like) Great strip as always!

  3. I can imagine:
    “Dustin, wake up. You’ve just saved all our lives!”
    “Then why do I feel like a bowling ball?”
    “Uh… that’s how heroism feels?”

    Also, they can free Choan’s eebs all they want, but how do we know she wont simply buy more?

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