10/20/10 Surprise Welcomes


jackolantern2010My sister is visiting, which is always a lovely thing. We hiked, and biked, and shopped for food. It was a little early, but we also got pumpkins and carved them, above is my contribution.

Dan (who mixes a fine martini) and I went back and forth until we agreed on a good way to deal with Nogg’s storyline for the end of book#1 (oooooh, that was a tough one). So, yes, the story has now come together, and now I just have to edit the hell out of it to make it read easy, flow fast and exciting, and be funny.

All in a days work and three cups of gunpowder green tea.


  1. JKCarroll

    @Coyoty, no, things could be worse, much worse:

    She could be Jewish.

    “Dangerous mission, eh? Is that why you haven’t bothered to write, to call? I could be laying dead in a hospital waiting for you to ask me how I’m doing! And what are they feeding you!? You look so skinny! We’ll get you home, I’ve got a nice pot of ????? ???? sitting on the stove for you! With those dumplings you like! Spicy, but without the scheergrot root. (To Krep): Oh, you really don’t want to give him any scheergrot root. He loves it, but it makes him SO gassy — like a mihrrgoot doodle bomb. (Back to Gurf) Do you remember your first cousin Hannah’s sister-in-law’s daughter Givivy? You two were ALWAYS so cute together. Well, I just learned that she’s out of rehab again and this time she’s sober. You should call her up while you’re here! She could use someone smart and stable like you in her life! After all, I’m not getting any younger! Who’s going to look after you when I’m gone — which could be any moment now, as if you’d care!

    (Looks at Emily) So what’s with the shiksa?

    Oy, veh…

  2. JKCarroll

    Huh. For a science fiction strip about space aliens, this comment section doesn’t seem to like non-English characters. The series of question marks in my comment is supposed to be Yiddish for “chicken soup”. I figured that would be alien enough for most of your readers.

  3. McGee

    Dustin speaking in front of an elected body reminds me…shudder…of that horrid scene in attack of clones when Jar Jar speaks to the senate in favor of giving palpatine military powers….

  4. Why do you keep… (glances at Jack’s avatar) uh, never mind

    @McGee: Whoever said they were elected?

    @Chris: Nice way of showing the eyes of the… um… Tapir-man in panel 5. Halip’s appearance totally caught me off-guard, but was really hilarious (or should I say “HILARIOUS”?)

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