10/18/10 Arrival at the G.O.B.


My friend Tom has a new book of his comic “Marooned” coming out…. um, sometime. Anyhow, I’ll pimp his book when it’s actually out, but just so you know, I did a guest comic for it, which he sneak-peaked the first 3 panels of. Check it out.

I had a nice afternoon. Went over the rest of the Spacetrawler strips for the year/book#1, and they’re coming together. Dan stopped by briefly, and he helping me hash ’em up. Then my girlfriend and I walked down the street in the sun and got a burrito. Good times.

nogg_emily_don_ahe _blog

And lastly, I received another piece of fan art. I love the rough cross-hatchy feel, and the lonely Herrimanesque landscape. It’s Nogg and Emily, in a piece titled “snap” (referring to the Spacetrawler strip “Emily“). This was drawn by Don Ahe who does the lovely M-W-F webcomic Road Apples Almanac. (you’ll also find this on the “Fan Art” page here at Spacetrawler)


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  2. Christopher

    @Coyoty, lol! That’s cool. Well, we can’t all be a fan of everything, thank goodness.

    @Coyoty, @Sardtok, & @Tim, don’t worry food and water is addressed in a later strip. 🙂

    McGee, possible “Danae” after the greek myth?

  3. Prairie

    Poor Pierrot. However, I have a feeling that the potty-bot will win him over. 😉 The bot should be able to provide water from processing the provided…err… inputs? Remember “Dune”?

    Imagine opening that panel to see a human cuffed to a pipe, pants pulled down and a couple of strategically placed hoses? Even if he is discovered, I would think the person would quickly shut the panel, shake their equivalent of a head, and scurry away.

  4. Christopher

    Hey @Rags, that post that Lauren posted is actually a mirror of what she posted on twitter. You can view it by clicking on her name. If I get a chance, I’ll look at my plugins to see which one I’m using to do that, because it’d be awful nice if it actually indicated it’s a mirrored tweet and not a post here (so that the self-reflecting link makes sense).

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