11/03/10 Rations for Pierrot


For those of you who’ve been shipping for Emily and Pierrot, I give you…. a kiss. Happy day.

Umm…. blog stuff… let’s see. I’ll be tabling with Topatoco at NEWW this weekend, in Massachusetts, but you know that. Nasa is sending a Robot to the Moon. Or is planning to. Makes sense. Incredibly cheaper, and we already know we can get there, so sending a person is not a currently needed accomplishment. Me, I just want them to set up a self-sustaining solar bio-dome up there. But I think they’ve tried that on earth, without success.

Sigh. Anyhow, all rolls along here. What’s really on my mind is that our sick cat, Girlie, finally had to be put down. We buried her with some catnip and greenies. R.I.P. little one, you will be missed.



  1. Great comic. I love it when two characters carry on different conversations.

    So sorry to hear about your cat. A good pet can take on the roles of friend, family member, and prized possession. When the pet dies, you lose all these things all at once. I’m sure that you took good care of Girlie. She was lucky to have people to be strong for her.

  2. Meirnon

    I’m waiting for the potty-bot to make a remark about an “children’s earth rhyme about two beings pressing their facial flaps against eachother in a perennial woody plant and having offspring soon after”, only to recite such a rhyme to a newly inflamed Pierrot yelling “AAAAUUUUGH!”

  3. Llyra

    I’m so sorry about your Girlie. It’s heartbreaking. I was sort of shocked when I scrolled down and saw the picture, because she looks like my kitty, Fnert… and we had to put Fnert to sleep Monday afternoon.

    here’s a picture of him: Fnert

  4. JKCarroll

    My sympathies to you on the loss of Girlie. 10 years ago I had to put down our first cat, Berke, named after Berke Brethed of “Bloom County” fame. He was a Siamese, although DEFINITELY not as psychotic as Bucky Katt.

    @Llyra, my sympathies to you, too. May Fnert and Girlie be strolling through fields of clover and wheat grass, filled with birds that are good for chasing but never get caught (been there, done that, bought the barf bag) and mice that are worthy of the chase.

  5. So sorry about your lovely Girlie, what a heartbreaker. My parents had to put their dog down last year, after a lengthy illness, and even though they’ve since acquired a new puppy (and cat) they still miss her like crazy. Those furry family members are not to be underestimated.

    Also: great strip. What is that zany Emily up to?

  6. David Bishop

    So sorry for your loss, Christopher. I’ve had to do this many time—it never gets less painful. But keep an eye out…the dearly departed have an uncanny knack of sending a needy replacement along to fill the empty place in your home and heart! At least, that’s been my experience.

  7. “Peanut butter” is to “Americans”
    “Vegemite” is to “Australia”
    That is, a thick paste that the rest of the world doesn’t quite enjoy as much. So much for “a moment sympathy”.

    “Girlie” wouldn’t happen to be the one you could never get a picture of, would it?

  8. Christopher

    Thanks again everyone, it helps to hear the kind thoughts. It’s been hard to concentrate today, she was a sweet one.

    @Frank, nope, that’d be Mimi. She’s doing well.

    @Jim, ooooh, but the key to that is that “she made ’em herself.” When anything can be synthesized, she made it by hand. Totally sweet. (plus, I LOVE PB&Js). 🙂

  9. Kat

    So sorry about Girlie, Chris. I’ve had people tell me that these kinds of things get easier the more they happen… and I think they couldn’t possibly be more wrong. Losing someone you love, whether a person or a cat (some say those are synonymous), is never easy.

    Be well, I know you’re surrounded by people who love you! <3

  10. Tony

    Sorry to hear about your cat, we had to do something similar with one of ours last year. She was a gentle soul and is missed around the house.
    Best wishes to you, always looking forward to new strips. Cheers..

  11. Rafi

    Sorry to hear about Girlie. She’s got the same color scheme as my cat Silver – brown tabby, right? So named because of his grey stripes and because he’s only got one eye, a la Long John Silver.

    Always sad when you lose a pet. You can take comfort in knowing her time on Earth was happy as she had such great owners.

  12. Sorry to her about your cat Girlie, Christopher: my sympathies.


    “Peanut butter” is to “Americans”
    “Vegemite” is to “Australia”
    That is, a thick paste that the rest of the world doesn’t quite enjoy as much.

    Actually, in my country — The Netherlands — peanut butter sandwiches are very popular, too.

    (And if ask Brits if they like marmite, which is just as ‘delicious’ as vegemite…;-)

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