10/31/10 Yuri Jacks in


Hope you all had a lovely Halloween and are enjoying the Day of the Dead. Happy day-after-Halloween tummy-ache. Happy anniversary to Dan and Leslie. And if you want a damn happy good read, go check out Emily Carroll‘s “Face All Red.”

And for those who read “Golden Age,” Ben dressed up as Growp. Nice job of hiding his beard under the turtleneck.

And this weekend come and say hello! I’ll be at the TopatoCo booth at NEWW.


  1. Christopher

    Lol! @Frank, I know! It’s one of the absurdities of time zones. On the west coast it’s still Halloween, but on the east coast it’s just turned Dad of the Dead. 🙂

  2. Christopher

    @Meirnon, actually, the current plan is for it to be three books. One per year, approximately. What you’re seeing now is only the wrapping up of the first book. But it’s only a subplot of the larger story.

    Oh, and thanks! 🙂

  3. Meirnon

    Well, when it comes to comics… it’s only this one, MS Paint Adventures and Bear Nuts that make me “lol”, “rofl”, “lmao”, or any permutation thereof on a regular basis. My family thinks I’m going psychotic or something sometimes when I read this. 😛

  4. Prairie

    I like how Yuri just stays jacked in during the whole thing. Obviously the selection process for the humans was spot on. The two of them stayed cool under pressure.

    And I’m with Meirnon, glad to hear there is plenty left. I keep remembering that Martina is supposed to die. (Nooooooooo!) I want her to pull a Gandalf and show up at the end to see her father.

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  6. This observation is coming a bit late (both in how many pages have since past, and how many years since they’ve been posted — the latter I can’t help since I’m reading this comic for the first time. 😛 )
    but back when Yuri was first injured the first time, she needed a metal cap on her right shoulder, yes?
    Now that all her limbs have been replaced with metal, it seems she miraculously has a new fleshy right shoulder again.

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