12/12/10 Emily Takes the Train


Last week Tom pointed out in the comments, and then Gary blogged it at Fleen, that I have indeed hit the 100 strip mark. Not sure exactly when, for some reason the WordPress numbers don’t quite match my own records. And then I forgot to announce it. But yes! 100 strips. I so deserve a drink.

In celebration of this, and also in celebration of the end of a semester, my friend Dan made a Spacetrawler Questionnaire, so you can figure out which character you are. It made me laugh all the way through.

take the: Spacetrawler Questionnaire

Lots of love came Spacetrawler way this week. More traffic from Stumbleupon, Bobulus over at forumopolis, Jamie Drew on his blog, Won-Tolla (Rags?) over at talkaboutcomics. And tweets from RyanFlandersMAD, JollyOldDro, porsupah, jemale, kimonostereo, dcorsetto, franbelda, FragileSound, illusionofjoy, XTaran, thanks all! And others as well, but those were the ones I could cypher out of my stats. Thank you all for continuing to spread the word and spacetrawling the web for new readers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, for domestic USA readers, you can still order merch before Chirstmas (we just got our Limbic Fizzler shirts)! Go to the Baldwin Topatoco storeย (these tee shirts no longer available)!


  1. JKCarroll

    Haven’t taken the test yet — the writer and budding grammarian in me couldn’t rest. “Lot’s of love…”

    LOT’S of love?”

    WHAT, by Boghrams’s Teeth, is an apostrophe doing there? It neither indicates a contraction (i.e., “Lot is”) nor possession (unless you’re trying to express that SOMETHING belonging to Lot, who lives in love, came to Spacetrawler — a bit of salt, perhaps, to rub in Nogg’s wounded pride?).

    And you, a writer. As my older sister would say, “For shame! For shame! Poo-poo is your name!” (She’s a former English teacher, now a lawyer. Live in fear.)

  2. Christopher

    @JKCarroll, Fixed!

    @Daniel, I’m sure it only does that when DESPITE the answers you’ve given, it knows your true nature. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I forgot to mention, I was Martina. Which is no surprise really. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I thought I might get Pierrot or Yuri, or even Martina, based on the answers I gave. But, I got Emily. I suppose I’m more bloodthirsty and adventurous than I thought.

    I am impressed how Emily’s (my?) coat has been on fire this whole time, but the fire doesn’t seem to have consumed any more of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Joe

    Whatever that coat is made of, I want it. (some of that material =P )
    That 1 spot’s been burning since the start of the fight without ever spreading or going out. =D
    (I wonder if it works like a fire sword does.)

  5. Does the third tier count as an anti-clichรฉ? When there is a fight on board a moving vehicle and one of the combatants is held outside and looks in the direction of travel with an ‘uh oh’ expression it’s usually because there is a pole or something that’s going to decapitate them. (Not that I don’t like Emily’s head where it is.)

    I think I’ll skip that quiz. Internet quizzes have already made me an invisible female St.Bernhard, so I quit while I’m ahead. (?)

  6. John

    I submitted the quiz again, with exactly the same answers, and it decided I was Pierrot this time. I didn’t pick any of the obvious Pierrot answers either. (I should be getting either Emily or Yuri, I think.)

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