12/08/10 Dimitri’s March


As you may recall, in an earlier strip, Dimitri conditioned himself to withstand stun lasers.

Today (Wednesday) Danielle Corsetto will be posting a fill-in comic I did for her, of her really fun strip Girls With Slingshots. Check it out! Read the archives (and buy her books). And to visitor’s from Daniell’s site, welcome! 🙂

Also, there was a very nice write-up  by Professor Timonin about my body of work over at Apollo Fireweaver’s Reviews. Thanks, Apollo and Professor Timonin!

newbookOn topic of other people’s merchandise, I have a few more recommendations…

Tom Dell’Aringa’s store (books) but also pre-order for Volume#2 which includes a 2 page piece I did in it.

Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary (books!)

Indigo Kelleigh’s (of Ellie ConnolyStore (8-Bit Tarot Deck and buttons)

Chris Yate‘s Baffler Puzzles

(and do not forget my own Online Store, or that original Spacetrawler strips go for only $80, or my Little Dee strips for sale.)


  1. Amber

    Hey, so I don’t usually comment on this–Lord knows why–but I just had to say that I love this strip SO MUCH and I pretty much died of happiness when I saw that you did a guest strip for Girls with Slingshots–this comic continues to be full of sci-fi awesomness, and I love how helpful Dmitri is being. Shocking, ne? Hee, I love the expressions in this comic especially. Keep up ze good work!

    (And I am just waiting for you to throw out some crazy plot twist I never saw coming which will shock me into a coma of AWESOME. I will pull out of it just to read the next strip. You know it. 🙂

  2. Just discovered this via GWS – I saw your name on the guest strip, said, “Hey, wait, wasn’t that the same guy that did Bruno?”, and have proceeded to read through the whole archive here. Um, AWESOME. And now that I know that you’re doing director’s commentary-esque things on your old strips, I am totally going to give myself that as a reason for re-reading.


  3. Cap'nCurry

    I love that Dmitri doesn’t even try to get quicker on the draw.
    I love that Dmitri not only doesn’t spill, but continues to sip as he goes.
    I love the facial expressions.
    I love that Dmitri has basically invented a superpower for himself.
    But most of all, I love that even though he essentially asked for a battle mech, Dmitri’s so damn happy with his field trip pass.
    Brilliant strip!

  4. Nathan

    First time I’ve commented – I should have long before, though. This strip’s punchline is so artfully done, it had me gasping for breath. And people find it difficult to make me laugh (though I find things funny, I just…don’t laugh). The long build-up, the expectations for something massive, gaudy, and destructive, only to have it reduced in an instant to the simplest (and most logical) solution possible, makes this my favorite gag of the strip so far. And that’s saying a lot, because I find all of the strips hilarious. Thanks for the great work!

  5. Efed

    I laughed out loud at the last panel! Sweeeet! I am a little jealous of people who are just discovering this strip because they can sit down and read all of them one after another in the archive and not have to wait for the next one. The stretch between Wednesday and Monday can be especially long.

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  7. JKCarroll

    @Matt, obsessive? What, me obsessive? Never!

    I just wanted to check to make sure I knew where all the characters are. Let’s see…

    Emily is running for her life from Growp, moving away from the ship, as well as away from the maintenance tube where she left a romantically-discombobulated Pierrot handcuffed with a plate of hand-made peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and a relationship-challenged pottybot;

    Martina is in places unknown, having just “shown her ID” to a logically-challenged Dustin and probably trying to figure out how to haul his Australian derriere back to the ship;

    Yuri is trying to right herself so she can have her do-over while Nogg is in the evil clutches (do spaghetti fingers clutch, slither, or entangle?) of Kuu-Drahc;

    And Dmitri is busy leading the way on the Eeb Field Trip (do you think they’ll get to see how they milk space cows?) (And did all the Eebs have to get their parents to sign a permission slip?)

    I think that’s everybody.

    But me, obsessing? No! I can quit reading this any time I want to. I just don’t want to right now. I’m going to wait until after Monday’s strip. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do…

  8. John

    The problem with Dmitri’s strategy is that when the enemy figures out that you’re immune to stun lasers, they don’t stop shooting you. They just stop shooting you with stun lasers.

    (See also: Dmitri vs. the Bollycks.)

  9. JKCarroll

    @John, that’s the problem in dealing with high-tech all the time: you forget that before there was high-tech, there was (and still is) low-tech. I mean, how many years has Nogg been dealing with Bollycks? He could have had everyone (well, maybe not Krep, although those tentacles appear pretty flexible) with AR-15s. But he (and the great majority of GOB members, apparently) are so used to pushing buttons that they don’t even consider options that DON’T involve pushing buttons.

    This is rapidly becoming OUR lot, too — just look at everyone’s reaction to the last panel of today’s strip: a low-tech solution when a high-tech (and high-powered) solution was expected.

  10. John

    Yeah, all of the crew, upon figuring out that the opposition was immune to lasers, busted out non-laser solutions: bullets, spear, aggressive stupidity, bludgeoning, attempted domestication, biting sarcasm, ship’s cannons… they just weren’t prepared for it because they weren’t expecting laser-immune boarders to drop in. And, as Krep points out, spraying bullets around on a starship may not be a particularly good general solution (even assuming that the particular alien menace you’re dealing with is one of the seemingly rare ones that isn’t immune to bullets).

    The G.O.B. goons are currently not expecting and not prepared for someone immune to stun lasers, but that doesn’t mean that they will always be unprepared.

    But now I’m wondering what the plan is in case of Bollycks taking the G.O.B. Eebs on an unvalidated field trip…

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  12. Danna

    I know you’re already hashing out your own plans for T-Shirts, but I love this page, and others seem to adore it too–perhaps it would be good for a shirt! It wouldn’t have to be the whole page, maybe just panels 11 through 15, or 9 through 15 if you want the joke to be clearer to people who have never read the actual comic. Maybe a tagline underneath, like “Friends Don’t Let Friends Shoot First” (if that hasn’t already been used on someone else’s merchandise.)

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