12/27/10 In Defense of Technology


If you’re wondering about the logo on Martina’s beret, it is the “Interplanet Amity” logo. The image below is the same logo (more detailed) from the very first strip. I think it appeared one other time, and of course it is also on the mug for sale.


For a fun thing to do during the holidays, we made and frosted gingerbread cookies. I’m not posting the recipe on cookrookery because I think the flavor was only so-so, but we had fun. The guy on the left is just some random nobody, then I did Nogg and my girlfriend did Martina. Mmmmmmm. 🙂


And then there’s me, the author, providing constructive criticism…


And last, a quick thanks for the mention by Lauren Davis on my Ripley drawing. And perhaps she’s right…. A Ripley series would be fun. As would Sarah Conner. A duo perhaps?


  1. Martina sure does love clothes, doesn’t she? It’ll be the death of her yet.

    Did Yuri just sacrifice her hands, her very ability to pick things up, for the power to blast armies to Kingdom Come? Seems pretty foolish to me. Reminds me of something Jeff Mumm said

    Panel 5 is the most inhuman I’ve seen Yuri look so far. Also, biocist is an interesting word.

  2. JKCarroll

    You need to have a guest appearance from “Andromeda”‘s Seamus Zelazny Harper!

    (Reminds me of an episode where the sexy female villain admires some of Harper’s work, turns to him and says with a seductive smile, “Hmmm. We should make babies together.”)

    And I love how Yuri tries to block out what Martina is saying!

  3. John

    a cute uber genius logician/programmer….isn’t that an oxymoron? (evil grin)”

    My lady doesn’t think so. (Though I’ve gotta admit I don’t really get her definition of “cute”. I can only be grateful for it.)

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