04/12/11 The Jesuits


This weekend I’ll be down in Portland for the Stumptown Comic Fest, tabling with my great friend Kevin (who has a zine out of his comic Wanderlost. Yay!) The fest is April 16 & 17 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. See their site for details and ticket info($7 one day, $12 weekend pass). Below is where we’re sitting “C-28” (click on map for larger map)

And after today’s strip you can claim that you’re all educated about South American colonialism and reductions — You can say you’ve watched DeNiro in “The MissionAS WELL AS read Spacetrawler. What more do you need?


  1. nagopaleen

    Well, the practices of “reduction” in Yucatan involved destroying ~400 native settlements, forcibly resettling their inhabitants into ~200 newly built Spanish-style towns, and transforming their religion and language as much as possible. The officials of the town were Mayan (since there were nowhere near enough Spanish settlers in Yucatan), but they were still heavily oppressed and taxed by Spanish governors, church officials, etc.

    I believe the Dominican and Franciscan orders were responsible for this in Yucatan, and I don’t know how the practice differed with location and monastic order. Although I’m certain “allowed them to keep their cultures, as long as they converted” doesn’t make sense on several levels. XD

  2. Christopher

    @Jordan, Frank is right, Uruguay, actually. But I’m looking through the archive baffled, when DID I mention it?
    @waldobaby, that is awesome…. and what nightmares are made of.
    @nagopaleen, oh trust me, I so wanted to go on rants in this strip about revisionist history etc etc, and am frustrated at the limited space given. And I know that the lists of horrible things done were endless, but from what limited that i know, the Jesuit reductions still feel like the better of two evils. (Also, in reading up on reductions, these were the settlements in the Brazil/Paraguay region, not in Yucatan. Not sure how much difference that meant.) Anyhow, no disrespect meant to any people histories etc etc.
    @Daniel, hahahah!
    @A_Reader & @Oh_Noes, I’ll get right on ’em! πŸ™‚

  3. nagopaleen

    Righto, I was really just mumbling tangentially. That’s what an education is for, right? πŸ˜›

    And yes, I’m sure there were many differences in how the policy of reduction was carried out in different places. Thanks for giving me incentive to read up on it.

  4. Christopher

    @Libby, you’re welcome! And may all your roads be lined with appendage rugs of purple fleshy ticklers!
    @giant_bug, yes, i was hoping I’d mentioned it in the strip though. Hrrmmm.

  5. giant_bug

    “Well, I’m getting ahead of myself.” Heh.

    You know, I’m thinkin’ maybe it’s a GOOD thing that super-intelligent telekinetic hardware hackers have no selfish or aggressive tendencies.

    Does that make me an Evil Dustinian?

  6. Fish

    @Christopher: I’m pretty certain it was mentioned in the strip (having read the archives <3 weeks ago), but I can't remember when. Perhaps I'm just remembering the "New Readers" page.

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