04/25/11 Pierrot and Krep Run Like Hell


There’s a fun drawing I did at the bottom of this very-long blog, so make sure you make it through!

Congratulations to Howard Taylor and Phil & Kaja Foglio (and others) for their Hugo nominations! I am envious, sure, but totally proud of you all!

Thank you to Stephanie McMillan of “Minimum Security” for an awesome little review of Spacetrawler. And thanks to Marjorie Rishel of Urban Underbrush who decorated Eeb and Dimitri Spacetrawler Easter Eggs (Happy Easter, btw, I hope you all are recovering well from the chocolate).

I spent Thursday-Saturday of last week at Norwescon, which was lovely and I had some great conversations. There was of course David Ketcherside who organized Artist Alley. I sat next to and chatted with Mark Rahner who does non-comedy zombie comics, and Roberta Gregory who’s been on my radar forever because of Bitchy-Bitch and now Cat Toons, Chris Sumption who draws space ships, and Jon Rogers who studies UFO history. And of course I got to see Stan! who I met WAY back when, oh, I don’t know, 2003 or so, when we first met sharing a table at San Diego Comic Con (my first con ever, attending or tabling) (coincidentally, Norwescon was my first ever SciFi con ever, attending or tabling).

Special thanks and shout-out to Cori Dietsch, who was not only awesome company, but let me try her Cintique.

And Thursday, OMG, joking with Gwen and Peg knitter/spinner extraordinaires, was the biggest hoot of the show (Gwen’s handspun yarn on Etsy)

And lastly, Pat and Doug Booze were extremely helpful and accommodating with organizing the Art Show. Thank you Doug and Pat! Here’s the piece I put in the show:


  1. Thanks for the links for posting my Easter photos. I’m a bit taken aback by all the kindness that the internet is showing me lately.

    Sorry Leland, I can’t send you the Easter eeb. I’m afraid I had to bring a side dish to an Easter dinner and…that’s one eeb that won’t be liberated. Ah, the fragile nature of art.

  2. Christopher

    Thanks, @FormerUSMC!
    @Stewart, I think he meant with a stunner. Also, he shot at Shuar with a makarov pistol. He just prefers diplomacy, is vegetarian, and has strong feelings about defending those not in a position to defend themselves. πŸ™‚

  3. Leland


    I was just thinking that an Eeb toy/model/whatever would sell fairly well. The only problem is that an actual egg shell is as delicate as … an actual egg shell.

    Any ideas for a sturdy (and inexpensive!) way to recreate your Eeb egg on a consumer scale?

  4. Eebstereggs?
    Any port in a storm…

    I had an idea once to make a “space opera” that actually was an opera. Got as far as tinkering with a vague plot involving a boy called Royd and his sister, Aster. It went downhill from there.
    But maybe one day…

  5. Galane

    Mass (for low volumes of mass) producing something like leetle Eebs is certainly possible if someone could sculpt one out of polymer clay. Making an RTV silicone mold from the original then casting copies in resin is fairly easy. Done right the mold can make a pretty large number of copies. I’ve been making RTV molds since 2003~2004. Mostly making replica parts for old cars, have done a Space Battleship Yamato belt buckle and a mold from a polymer clay figurine of a little Cthulhu. Currently working on a mold for casting new shells for TI-99/4A Command Module cartridges.

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