05/02/11 The King of the Mihrrgoots


Hello everyone! First off: I’m still alive. Yay! Thank you all for the awesome well-wishes. I am recovering as fine as one could expect. I’ve been finding a decent balance between an oxycodone zombie high and being in pain, and with each day I am needing the pain pills less. Yay again!

I’ve decided to attempt to keep up my Mon/Wed regular posting schedule through this. Today’s was the easy one (although last Wednesday’s is still NOT finished), since I had 5 days to complete it. But we’ll see if the next three strips will be as easy. Not only due to my recovery slowing things up, but also because this Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at:

Yup! LepreCon. Tempe, Arizona. May 6-8 I’ll have a table in the dealer’s room, and will be on 3 panels, so come on by!

1. LIT – HUMOR IN SCIFI WRITING                                 Fri 5p-6p, Joshua Tree
2. ART – LIFE STUDY                                                             Sat 6p-7p, Palm F
3. LIT – WORLDBUILDING IN WEBCOMICS                   Sun 1p-2p, Xavier

In comic news, for those of you at TCAF (Toronto Comics Art Fest) this weekend, Chris Hastings will be releasing his first full color Dr. McNinja book there, so pick one up! And if you’re in Brooklyn this Friday, Zach Weiner is releasing his first collection of SMBC. Both awesome comics.


  1. Thomas S

    Perhaps they will find a freshly tenderised NoGG as well – or a curiously well bedecked out faux kitchen with flames, hot and hotter magma on tap with a range of roasting gribbletes options.

  2. Pierrot is of course right, and they’re being roasted just for the sake of appearance. In reality, they’re both quite safe, having landed on soft comfy cushions, and are now enjoying butterscotch puddings.

    Or not.

  3. Ahhh! I’m FROM Tempe! Of course when there’s something actually awesome happening there, I’m in school in another state… Grrr.

    Also…they can’t be dead, because otherwise who else is gonna rescue Nogg? Right? …right?

  4. One of the greatest problem with space helmets is that you can’t cover another person’s mouth to shut them up. Hopefully, someone will have solved that by the time we go spacefaring.

  5. Nomi

    Here’s my guess: the fire is just at the rim of the pit. The pit is an entrance into a room underground where some REAL mihrgoot business takes place. Or maybe I’m just in denial because I love both Krep & Pierrot.

  6. Herandar

    It’s obvious that QC is an Eeb sympathizer and is a deep undercover member of Interplanet Amity. Perhaps Rickshaw Boans in Eeb-created disguise!

    Glad you are feeling better Chris. Don’t push yourself too hard for our sake.

  7. JKCarroll

    @MYichao, you poor, innocent schlub! OF COURSE they can be dead, to be replaced by Fiyenna and some random mirhgoot. I mean, look at Farscape — they did that all the time.

    Then again, it could be like my favorite scene from “Firefly”:

    “Well, looks like we got here just in time. What does that make us?”
    “Big d*mn heros, sir!”
    “Ain’t we just!”

    (Picture Dustin in the role of Jayne…)

  8. Gillsing

    Considering that these Mihrrgoots don’t seem to use a lot of technology, it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually wouldn’t mind giving up their Eebs. Especially if all the other species lost their Eebs too, since they’d be more dependent on them, thereby tipping the scales of power in the Mihrrgoots’ favour.

  9. Mike

    I’m with the camp that thinks the pit of fire is a clever ruse, and the king is going to be their ace in the hole at the G.O.B. for changing the definition of sentient.

  10. LTerminus

    Just poked my nose in to say I LOVE the comic. I can’t remember how i found it – SMBC, maybe? – but it gets better with every page.

    Also, clearly the pit is a secret entrance. And the next page will be a smash-cute to our other group of intrepid heroes. 🙂

  11. Kathleen

    haha I just had this great image: them standing up in the waist deep pit, saying, “oh yeah, these suits are fire-retardent” but then of course the mirghoots see them sticking up and eat them.

    @chris: It’s just so darn realistic! living in medieval times sucked.

  12. Fish

    @Kathleen: Yeah, I was wondering how heat resistant their suits are.

    Also: Are there any native animals left? It appears that the mihrrgoots evolved to eat things at the bottom of pits (like antlions, sort of), but I’ve only seen a space tree. Perhaps with technology the population exploded and native animals slowly went extinct from overeating. Or maybe the mihrrgoots magically appeared out of nowhere.
    The above comment brought to you by musings on tastiness of eebs.

  13. Gillsing

    @Frank: I’m not so sure the Mihrrgoots care that much about space faring. But what do I know? I don’t really remember every fact we’ve learned about them. I just figure that a species that seem content to live virtually naked in mudholes might not care too much about flying around in space.

  14. Well, while I hope Christopher is recovering well, I do have one minor remark: If Pierrot an Krep are inside airtight — one hopes, otherwise they’d have different problems — space suits, then why would they care, in the previous strip, how much (or how vile) excrement was poured over them?

    They wouldn’t notice. One good space suit decontamination procedure, and done!

  15. Christopher

    @Shineanthology, ha! I have no good answer, but can come up with one. Um… how about this, the suit has tactile sensors hooked up to the wearer, so they feel textures, maybe even smell, the things around them? Anyhow, even in a suit, being oozed on by a hoard of giant slugs might seem unappealing to many. 😉

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