05/04/11 Martina Negotiates


Hey! I’m in Arizona! This Friday, Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at:

Yup! LepreCon. Tempe, Arizona. May 6-8 I’ll have a table in the dealer’s room, and will be on 3 panels, so come on by!

1. LIT โ€“ HUMOR IN SCIFI WRITING Fri 5p-6p, Joshua Tree
2. ART โ€“ LIFE STUDY Sat 6p-7p, Palm F

And there will be tons of lovely panels, costumes, SciFi celebs, etc for you to see. And you’ll find me (when not on panels) in the Dealer’s Room. Here are the Dealer’s Room hours.
Friday 3-7
Saturday 10-6
Sunday 10-4
Looking forward to seeing all of you!


  1. Libby

    So my job has been less than thrilling lately. I think today, whenever someone upsets me… or just randomly for my own amusement, I am going to grab my collar, jut out my lower jaw and scream, “And where I come from, soccer is a god-damn national pastime!”

  2. Julia

    Hmmm maybe a clue in the first panel…”They’re not just ‘names’ Mr. Zorilla! They’re caring, real, flesh-and-blood beings!” They’re sounds more like they ARE than they WERE. Right? Right? maybe? I hope.

    Anyway, I’m glad you are feeling well enough to travel.

  3. WoS

    Oh, good. Mr. Zorilla was starting to seem nice; at least he’s not losing his sense of self. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And gosh, severing body parts with a thought; probably another compelling reason to keep eebs down, so none of them think to do things like that.

  4. Oh sure, her threat was only credible until she said Soccer was “not really” a national pastime

    @Myicaho: We know he’s going to kill the natural leader (Martina) off at some point. Why can’t he kill off two royal pains-in-the-neck?

  5. Niall

    He said they’re, as in “they are”. If it was “they were” he would have said that specifically.
    Or they are dead. We know Martina will die. Who’s to say the others won’t either.
    Hummmmmmmmcontemplativenoisemmmmmmmmmmm. I don’t know what to think.

  6. Abeo

    Thank you! It is strangely rare for telekinesis to be represented as a super-lethal ability. Most of the time you just end up with idiots throwing objects at each other, or pinning people to walls. And, of course, much straining and cries such as “I… can’t hold him much longer!”

    Rip his eyeballs out people. Slurry his brain. Sever his spinal cord.

  7. She is a good negotiator.

    Just as a note, it is highly unlikely that Kreb and Pierrot are dead due to the restrictions of the frame narrative. (That is: if they had died, it would be unlikely that Nogg would know enough about their exploits up until the point of their death to narrate them so competently.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. JKCarroll

    @Niall, oh, please. We all know that in the end Gurf will end up running Interplanet Amity, because in the end he’ll be the last one standing. (And because he’ll want to show his mom that he can do something better than his great-big-starcaptain brother. His mother, of course, will show her pride by complaining that he hasn’t given her any grandchildren yet.)

    And @Niall, if this were another certain favorite webcomic, that “Hummmmmmmmcontemplativenoisemmmmmmmmmmm” would be “HummmmmmmmOminousHummmmmmmmmmm” coming from the business end of a Strohl Munitions BH-209i plasgun. (I’d like to see the eebs come up with something like THAT!)

  9. Tom W

    hrm… I thought they were LOOKING for an Eeb that wasn’t a zombie, so they could prove Eebs are sentient and free a slave race.

    So if the Eebs are manufactured, rather than breeding naturally, does that mean they are artificially zombied? Was the Eeb race originally sentient? It sounds to me like the narrative just got a lot deeper over the last few strips.

  10. JKCarroll

    Oh, my dear and fluffy Lord… it just struck me… in the last frame… THAT’S why the eebs haven’t been granted recognition of sapiency! The lack of a even a modicum of good taste! I can just see it now: eebs trading in their drab-but-spiffy fur-lined coats for …

    (…wait for it …)

    leisure suits.

    Now if they REALLY wanted to ditch drab for class, they’d swap their outfits for Zoot Suits.

  11. @Stewart, the Mihrrgoots could have told Nogg what happened for some reason. They probably wouldn’t have gone into that much detail, but Nogg could have pieced together the specifics based on his knowledge of Krep, Pierrot and the Mihrrgoots.

    Also, I’d just like to say that “they’re” can mean either “they are” or “they were”; it doesn’t imply either one, it’s the reader who infers what they think is the more probable meaning.

  12. You know, in a way, I’m kind of reassured that Martina still has questions about alien fashion sense. It means that the old Martina hasn’t been fully buried under the burden of command.

    And being an Uruguayan, wouldn’t she call it “football” and not “soccer?” Or is the strip using “soccer” because my fellow Usans won’t get it otherwise?

    And Mr. Baldwin, I hope you’re recovering well from you illness!

  13. Martina DID say, “football,” and she is, in fact, speaking Spanish. As readers, we’ve all had the translator chip set to “American English” implanted in our brain and so WE only see the word “soccer.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Filipe

    There’s also the fact that in most dustinian countries where soccer is a ยซpastimeยป girls aren’t particularly fond of playing the game. The few that do tend to play with the boys and are scorned by their female colleagues for being manly.

  15. I kinda wish I’d never seen Disney’s rip off of Mark Twain (“A Spaceman in King Arthur’s Court”) as a kid since I’m pretty sure throwing two characters wearing asbestos-lined space suits into into a flaming pit is going to do about zero damage.

  16. JKCarroll

    @illudium36, I don’t think they’re asbestos-lined. People who work around volcanoes may wear such suits, but space suits don’t have to worry so much about conductive heat. They would be more designed to reflect radiated heat.

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