05/30/11 Martina Takes Responsibility


Happy Memorial day (is that an oxymoron) to us Americans. Been a very day-to-day kind of week. We did manage to get to the Seattle Museum of Art, but I must confess, it’s not a museum which causes me any great excitement (I simply need to go back periodically to remind myself of that). I made bread and banana muffins. Last night I sewed velcro onto the back of my Spacetrawler banner — to the ends of making it fit on my banner stand (I’ve always enjoyed sewing, and DIY in general).

I’m thinking about taking a vacation. No comics would be missed, I’m only talking about a night or two away. Maybe a couple friends and a campfire, somewhere away from the city. Maybe Bay View State park, they have affordable cabins. I love my job, but I do work long hours, and stepping outside of any non-stop life is such a good thing.

I AM doing almost a dozen conventions this year, and going to conventions IS stepping outside of the day-to-day, and I DO love it and love the traveling, but it is still work — a lot of work. I just want to go somewhere else and sit. Have a marshmallow and a beer. Now, i just need to plan it.

Cookie Jar from planet Awesomeness. (want want want) (beep boop beep whistle) (can’t justify) (it’s still awesome).

And lastly, if you’ve never noticed, I have all these buttons linked to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc). If you like a strip, you should always click on them. Really. 🙂


  1. Whidbey Island is really nice. There are few different places you can potentially camp with very pleasant places, both natural and man-made to visit. Plus, only a couple of hours drive/ferry ride away. And those ferry rides are great for putting you in vacation mode. If you want a house to stay at, shoot me an email. My parents have part ownership of a place near the Keystone Ferry that gets rented out regularly. There’s even a fire pit in the back yard if marshmallow roasting is a high priority.

  2. Llyra

    If you can get one of the cabins at Cama Beach (the new park property on Camano Island), they’re quite nice. But I think they’re usually booked pretty far in advance.

  3. I pressed “like.” Because I genuinely like this strip. It is sooooo likeable. Perhaps I will sing a like song into your voice mail. “I know it’s only a webcomic but I like it, like it, like it, yes I do!”

  4. Christopher

    Thank you, @Jordan! That is so kind! 🙂
    @Llyra, nice! I’ll check it out.
    @Jim, once you’re all hypnotized, I’m going to command you to bark like a dog.
    @Mechawatts, added a buzz button. 🙂
    Ah, @Kevin, snarky bastard, I luv ya.

  5. Dude, you should totally take some time off. Speaking only for myself, I’d rather miss some strips and have you all rested and stuff. See, this way you keep going for the long run and *that’s* what’s important.

  6. Christopher

    Thanks, @Susan! And yes, I pay close attention to potential burnout, because I think I want it to happen even less than all of you. 🙂 But I think it’s entirely feasible for me to put in extra hours for a couple weeks and get a little ahead.

  7. As someone who does animation, I have to ask: why couldn’t you simply have taken three photos? The horror… the horror…

    And, did you do this comic just so you cold say that about Memorial Day?

  8. Christopher

    @Frank, oh, 3 pictures. Hm. Didn’t occur to me. Um. Blame Terry Gilliam?

    And today’s strip, actually, until you just mentioned it I hadn’t even mentally connected it with the day. Hm. So, no, the comment was just me not sure what to say. Remembering and honoring the deceased doesn’t elicit the phrase “have a happy day” from my mind, but i wasn’t sure what to say. What DO you say? “Somber Memorial day!” or “Have a reflective Memorial day!”

  9. Nomi

    Typo alert! Panel 3: “unclampeded”? At first I thought it was a mashup of “clamped” & “impeded,” but then in panel 4 she says it right.

    How I heart this comic.

  10. Love the comic.

    But social networking is a huge security risk, I don’t do it, and I’m not ever going to click on the buttons 🙂

    Zuckerman is an evil bastard who has single-handedly done more to violate the online privacy of Netizens than anyone else outside of the NSA.

  11. snake_in_a_box

    The space battles continue to look just amazing, especially the first panel there. I love it!

    Also, you seem to be missing a comma there in the eighth panel, between “hands” and “not”.

  12. Crestlinger

    Gun controls look like motorcycle handbars ^^
    …and all they have to do now is broadcast that message to the shooters and then say ‘You Know Too! Now join us or your government will kill you as well!’

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