06/29/11 Planning The Escape


Hey! I’m in Minneapolis for:


a SciFi/Fantasy Convention

It’s at the Bloomington Sheraton Hotel. And I’ll be on the following panels on SATURDAY (click here for details):

9:30 AM – Humor Writing
12:30 PM – Prose to Comics

When I’m not on those, you’ll find me in the Dealer’s Room:

  • Thursday: 2pm – 6pm
  • Friday: 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am – 4pm

And if you show up, you can see (and bid on) the above pin-up drawing I just did in the art show! :)


  1. JKCarroll

    Yeah, Pierrot may have a way of throwing a spanner into the works, but no one makes for a better “Defender of Awesome”.

    And I think, in panel 5, that “though” should be “thought”.

  2. Prairie

    I can’t wait until the escape… “look! there’s a rope right here! we can use that to get Nogg out of the hole!” “Does any of this strike you as too convenient?” “

  3. Lord Morgue

    Oh God, this reminds me of SO many roleplaying sessions when the players would miss the GLARINGLY OBVIOUS solution to their problems. Protip: when you are fighting a giant robot and life gives you a conveniantly located live electrical cable, you don’t stop to argue back and forth over whether it’s going to black out the city, just roll with it, dumbass.
    Also reminds me of the blooper reel from Series 4 of Blakes 7 when the little six wheeled mining buggy wouldn’t start, and neither would the quadbikes chasing them through the rock quarry. Everybody making little GIDDYUP movements and not going anywhere, and the guns not firing either, and the space bikers all getting stuck in the door.

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