07/06/11 Escape Plan, Take 1


Still recovering after CONvergence this weekend. Phew! It was a roller-coaster of an experience. And I managed to cover costs, which was a relief.

Yeah, I’m learnign all about SciFi/Fantasy conventions. Minneapolis was an overwhelming and fun and lovely experience. The smallish one I attended in Phoenix didn’t have the numbers to earn enough to cover expenses, but it was about the literature and the love for it. And it was small enough that I was able to meet four excellent writers who were delightful to spend time with and who I’ve enjoyed both their work and keeping in contact with.

I’ve mentioned Gini Koch of the “Touched by An Alien” SciFi comedy series of books. Then Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant) of the amazing “Feed” zombie series (and the “October Daye” series, and collector of dolls and My Little Pony).

I also met Ashley Barnard who wrote “Shadow Fox” which I recently finished — which was a lovely romance romp, and reminded me of all my escapist fantasies as a young teen. And the sharp Marsheila “not Marsha” Rockwell, who wrote “Legacy of Wolves,” which was a engrossing fantasy detective story (I especially liked Greddark, the Sherlock-Holmes-meets-James-Bond dwarf).

So, yeah. just getting back into the groove. Worked today. Spent time with my girlfriend. We walked around, slid the long slide at the Phinney Community Center playground, gazed at the mountains. Good times.


  1. Snail

    It’s like a movie set where the cast is mind-wiped before every take, UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT.

    Taking bets on how many times Krep and Pierrot have to redo the escape scene: I’ll put my money down at five.

  2. So their last memory was falling into a flaming pit, and they think nothing of just waking up in the mud?

    @Snail: How do we know that this is the first time they’ve done it? The fact that the pot is on its side makes me wonder

  3. “I might devolve to the ravenous state of our Earth cousins.”?

    These guys have an outpost on Earth?

    Maybe they are smaller and cause amoebic dysentery when they contact Humans.

    If mind wiping is so easy they might decide to implant memorys of an escape that never happened and let them awaken on a ship that is already outbound, youknow, before any more Migroots get hurt.

    Unless of course implanting false memory is more difficult than eraseing real memory is.

    I can imagine Perrot wondering why this one memory has better drawing quality and brighter color than his reality generally has.

    A migroot might make the mistake of implanting a memory from the perspective of sixteen eyes thirty inches above the ground. It would look normal to them , but would seem weird to a guy accustomed to two eyes sixty inches above the ground.

  4. I hope that the Mihrrgoots have good reason to be confident in their memory wiping technology, even after multiple applications of it. I think “earth cousins” just means the above ground Mihrrgoots, then again on the other hand, maybe they might be referring to Earthly starfish, which the Mihrrgoots sort of remind me of.

  5. Christopher

    Good morrrrrning!

    @John Fiala, It looks great, and I know that with flying it would be a straight shot. I shall consider it, but am guessing I’m already overbooked this year. (and thanks!)

    @Tom, hm. Tee-shirt idea? “if at first you don’t succeed, we’ll mind wipe you, and you can try and try again”?

    @Julia, @Plane, @Devin, apologies. I did mean “earth” as in “dirt,” but it was a REALLY poor choice of word. I’ve changed it to “surface cousins.”

    @Plane, “pseudopodias” would have been a lovely choice.

  6. The only thing that strikes me as odd, is that the original plan was for them to roll barrels over them and hurting them. Now they suddenly have to redo the escape because of a hurt tentacle?
    Still, it makes for a ridiculously funny page.

  7. Christopher

    @Sardtok, not precisely. The barrels would not have hurt them (much). But to keep up the ruse, the Mihrrgoots would have ACTED hurt, and Pierrot expressed concern that he might NOT push barrels on top of them to begin with because he FEARED it would hurt them.

    In this case it’s a huge metal pot actually falling on one of them, and probably hurt like hell. 🙂

  8. Christopher

    @Granf, Hahahahahahahah! OMG. That’s totally awesome. And wins the award for best coincidence EVER.

    Seriously, I only WISH I had been that clever. I even checked it three times because I was sure you must be joking. Wow.

  9. Shaun

    Some of the best online I’ve ever read…it’s just too bad it’s as long between episodes. The good news is that I browse alphabetically, so I don’t notice as much. Still i wish I did. 🙁 Awaiting the usual trawler-goodness (having caught up with the last several months)–The Plant Man. (Long Live Yuri!)

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