07/11/11 Most Awesome Escape


Just so’s you know, I did a guest strip for R*K*Milholland’s awesome “Something Positive,” it was so much fun playing with his characters. So, check that out.

And congratulations to Pete Abrams of “Sluggy Freelance” for wrapping up a 10 year story arc. F*%cking hell. I met Peter at San Diego Comic Con back in 2001 or so, which was a real pleasure. And then I saw him again a couple years ago at Emerald City Comic Con… and when I did, realized I had fallen out of habit of reading Sluggy (as happens), and so I started back up. It was a little hard to follow, as the story was sprinting to the finish line, but I… um… slugged my way through it. And it was fun,  and REALLY impressive, but I’m also looking forward to starting new with the next story! Sweet!


  1. Christopher

    Pierrot is average strength. If you mean about the “hole” scene, the rope is attached to Nogg, Pierrot is just there to stabilize. Not enough panels or interest to do it in any more detail. (I adjusted the rope to make it clearer)

  2. fyi, panel 3 of the “Something Positive” strip has a misspelling: “Prolems”

    aaaand, great action in yours. I suspect they’ve done this about 15 times by now. Nogg isn’t unconscious, he’s just exhausted from all the repetition!

  3. Christopher

    @War_Pig, my first thought was candy-apple red, but I didn’t think it looks good in front of the orang-red-brown sky.

    @Filipe, ah! No, Pierrot is simply helping balance the unconscious Nogg. Hrm. Might fiddle with it.

  4. Nick Bacon

    Also in love with the Purfin M-32! Judging by the number of other comments on it, I think you’ve tapped into a collective consciousness trope: rocket + speed boat + off-roader = YEEEAH!

  5. TB

    “how could he relate the part that was mind wiped?”

    If you start worrying about all the parts of the story Nogg shouldn’t possibly have been able to know, you’ll get a headache. Just enjoy! This is great and I can’t wait for the second collection.

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