09/07/11 The Worser of Two Evils


So, I have conventions in DC area (Bethesda, MD and Rockville, MD) the next two weekends. And if you’re wondering which one you should go to, let me give you a quick run-down of my impressions of what they’ll be.

This weekend is Small Press Expo (or SPX) in Bethesda, MD. September 10 & 11, 11:00-7 and 12:00-6 respectively. This is kinda’ an artist DIY self-publishing kind-of-thing. Focus is on books rather than merchandise. The set-up is a bunch of tables with artists behind them, and panels on topics of interest. There will be LOTS of webcartoonist, each behind the table selling their own wares. Entry is $10/day, or $15 both days.

The next weekend is InterventionCon in Rockville, MD, September 16-18, from Friday 12-Sunday 4:00. This is an internet-artist-focused experience with leaning toward Sci-Fi and Anime. When they say Friday-until-Sunday they MEAN it, there will be music, panels, board games, workshops, and probably parties in the motel throughout the night. There will probably be many costumes. Price per day is $15-$25, or $45 for the weekend.

At InterventionCon I’ll be on a couple panels:

  • Friday at 8:00 “Getting Paid To Do What You Already Love: Working With Companies” along with David Reddick & Tony DiGerolamo.
  • Saturday at 3:00 “Back in my day: The webcomic veterans panel” along with Shaenon Garrity, Jennie Breeden & Bill Holbrook.

And that’s it. Still crazy busy getting ready for a month of travel. Leave early-early Wednesday morning!


  1. Ascension

    This would seem to be a possible very plausible explanation for why Martina’s the one of Our Heroes who fails to come back from this venture. The splintering party finally leaves her alone(ish).

  2. Chris does it once more. The art is great, the consistent creativity and world building is an inspiration, and the dialogue — I wish I could write dialogue that snappy. But it’s the characters that keep me coming back. Martina rawks!

    Sabreur: I’m stealing your comment for teh Twitters. XD

  3. Christopher

    @Kathleen, you’ve missed nothing, their plan is somewhat nebulous (and not in the astronomical sense). This vagueness will even be noted (unless edited out) in the next strip with Martina in it.

  4. JKCarroll

    @Kathleen, no, it’s more of a “The less you know of the plan, the less likely you’ll be running away, screaming and using your hands to protect your genitals.”

    And if you’re still feeling lost, have you tried Hari Krishna? (As I sit here thinking of Kermit and wondering what Jim Henson would have done with eebs…)

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