09/12/11 Dimitri’s Trust


SPX was a grand time. Ahhhh! And now I’m on the late bus back to my brother’s. Zoom! Blogging from the bus — so, a con report will have to wait until wednesday’s strip.

And I won’t be in Seattle for it, but the 17th is the annual “Pigs For Peace” walk at Greenlake, and my girlfriend is walking, so please donate, and know a donation for her walking is like for me walking (only I’m only there in spirit). They’re an organization who takes care of potbelly pigs (among other animals) who were pets and were poorly treated or not wanted, and so now they have a good home.


  1. War Pig

    Of course, this little episode will not stop Dimitri from banging this alien chick again. He gets more alien poontang that Capt Kirk, Capt Picard and the rest of the star fleet crews in both shows got put together.

  2. Well I see you more or less figured out the cuffs. Doesn’t prevent her from shooting someone though. Yeah I think Dmitri really wanted her to not do that, but he probably figured as much that’d happen. What’s her motive for wanting to kill, though? And was her story at all true?
    I admit the first time I saw the character, I figured she, was a he. A common occurrence in this galaxy I’m sure. But in the heavens does Dmitri know he’s not occasionally screwing a guy?

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  4. TB

    An alien sexual compatibility detector – it’s not a “reproductive potential compatibility detector” after all – probably assesses things like “male” and “female” way down the list. Heck, a lot of aliens probably have more than two sexes.

  5. I’m amazed that no-one has said anything about about how cute the sleeping eebs are.

    Clearly this captured mercenary doesn’t realize she faces someone from a culture than invented Russian Roulette and faced down and defeated German tank columns only to reply with even bigger, tougher and more advanced tank columns of its own!

    That and all the alcoholic hedonism. Not something you tangle lightly with!

  6. JKCarroll

    @pootyparper and @Redpossum, never forget:

    A Russian will say one thing, think another, and do a third.

    So all you have to do is listen to what they’re saying, guess what they’re thinking, and you’ll have a pretty good idea what the Russian will do.


  7. plane

    Is it safe to leave a prisoner alone with a few Eebs?
    Seems like they would follow an order to make a handcuff key and a wepon with easy to understand/operate strength settings.

    Of course Dimitri might have already asked the Eebs to make a few zappers that can’t be adjusted too high even if the pointer is all the way up. Dimitri might get a laugh this way.

    (“I have you now Dimitri, -this- time I have set -this- gun on 11! Hahahaha! I never have been sorry!

    What does an Eeb do when he gets contradictory orders?

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