09/26/11 The Potty-Bot’s Friends


I have to start in on con reports, although 4 in a row kinda is daunting. And so… not today.

But huge. HUGE! I mean, they are asking other labs to double-check first, but the finding: neutrinos can travel faster than light. Amazing. Even breathtaking. I mean, it’s no greased dark light speed, but what is?

Of course, I’ve read some articles saying that it shows we can travel back in time, and I’m just not yet buying that. I mean, already we’ve found that on the atomic level things don’t confirm to normal physics in other ways. but whatever, who knows. It’s still frikkin’ amazing.


  1. Thomas S

    Dustin – trying to outsmart an animated toiletry device ?!?!? … most average Australians would have difficulty with that. However, we are not backward at being forward with our deficiencies. Part of our progress has resulted in some world breaking discoveries, such as the stump jump toilet, the out door thunderbox and the hills hoist latrine. It’s still a fierce area of study here also, although we are now not leading the studies into toiletry, since Singapore developed the self flushing loo … what an incredible advance they made … sigh …

  2. Night-Gaunt

    You know how it is when you mess with time, time messes with you. (A paraphrase from the Outer Limits episode “The Form of Things Unknown” [David McCallum’s second appearance.]) Concerning time travel and bringing the dead alive again from the dead past into a living present. It was with slight modification a pilot for a new series that didn’t make it. {§(

  3. Actually, what CERN is suggesting is that we could send information back through time, not us. What this means is, well I’ll just say “Thiotimoline”, except that the “batteries” needed to send one bit of information back would probably have to be the size of a country.

    As for todays comic, has Nogg ever heard of the NSA?

  4. Christopher

    @Nemo, excellent link. Yes, I will definitely await further verification, but it’s still damn exciting.
    @Julia, nice!
    @Frank…. U’m you lost me on NSA. National Security Agency? No Strings Attached?

  5. Filipe

    The potty-bot is the creepiest thing in Spacetrawler up to now.

    About the neutrinos, I prefer Nukees take on it. Our neutrino detectors are not flooded with soft-drink advertisements from the future, hence no faster-than-light neutrinos.

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