10/12/11 Hot On The Trail


Been a busy week. I’m back home, getting caught up. Trying to make chocolates, but for my girlfriend I’m making them vegan which is a real challenge. I also made bread twice by hand (we usually use our bread machine). Whoot!

Just finished reading The Comic Book Guide To The Mission, brought to my attention by the fabulous Lauren Davis who edited it (and who I finally got to meet at APE). And thanks for the shout-out from Crow of Nicky510.


  1. Christopher

    @Crow, no dutch oven. But I do have Jim Lahey’s book on no-knead bread and am planning to crack it out soon. Right now I’m just experimenting with breads, see what works and doesn’t. Oh, and I haven’t raced to that book yet because I have the weird quirk of enjoying kneading bread.

    @Jordan, I knew they were local but didn’t know about the tour. Psyche! I am SO going to do that.

    @Ezra & @Atticusprime, Gahhh! Did I screw up hoard/horde again. Sigh. Thank you! Will fix today!

  2. Karyl

    I’ve made no knead bread without a dutch oven quite handily–a large silicon loaf pan bolstered with a second tinfoil pan worked very well. I didn’t use tinfoil directly as I prefer no aluminum to bread contact.
    Anyway, here’s a link to a recipe of mine:http://www.food.com/recipe/pumpkin-seed-no-knead-easy-bread-12-18-hour-recipe-368180
    I’ve also attempted vegan chocolates with coconut milk, but probably needed coconut cream and cacao butter to really get it right. They will not firm up that much unless you also add coconut flour in small amounts.

  3. JKCarroll

    @Captain Jack, Hey, getting patches from strangers reminds me — I need to find an eye patch…

    Wha-at?! It’s Halloween!

    Then again, being the techie that I am, I could probably use … an iPatch…

  4. plane

    I wonder how Dimitri is employing all that Eeb brain power.
    Given that much problem solving ability and obedient IT department Dimitri could be having the top floor converted to a spaceship of a totally new type , one that moves the planet it is on instead of having a life support system.

    Or he could have them build a distilery, prioritys you know.

    I hope his girlfriends ae not the jelous type , in walks his devoted old girlbug to find his new girl in chains and creatures that can’t say no sleeping all over the rugs and couches.

  5. Marianna

    I second the use of coconut cream for use in vegan chocolate, though I’ve only ever used it for delicious, delicious vegan macaroons. Should be the right texture to create a ganache, and I think you could infuse it like you do with milk.
    Did I mention I’m working at a chocolate shop in Portland now? Mmmm…

    PS–In the final panel, there should be an apostrophe in “suite’s” to indicate that it means “the suite is.” Like that’s when you’re saying “that’s my favorite chocolate.”

  6. Mike

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but I’d think either horde OR hoard would work, depending on if you are talking about the eebs as property or not. He’s hoarded up a horde of eebs!

  7. JKCarroll

    Ahh, Filipe! A man after my own heart! (But only after it’s been stuffed with rice and cabbage and slow-cooked in a sauce with tomatoes, onions, and lots of garlic.)

    Remember: Meat is Murder! (tasty, tasty murder…)
    (Brought to you by P.E.T.A. — People Eating Tasty Animals)

  8. Galane


    iPatch, make it white with a grey/silver Apple logo or the reverse. Or go retro with the beige or “platinum” Macintosh color and the rainbow logo. Would be nice to see Apple bring back the rainbow logo. I wonder if they’ve let that one go unused long enough the trademark has lapsed? Gotta use them or lose them! (That’s why a Plastic Man comic book gets done every so often.)

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