11/28/11 Not An Unfair Fight


In the vein of Black Friday and Small-Business Saturday, today is “Cyber Monday.” Did you know?

Well, for any gifts you need, why not do it here and support one of your favorite strips at the same time?!

Spacetrawler book#1 would be great for anyone who ever liked star-trek, star wars, or British Humor, or something. The Little Dee books (what few are left) are all-ages, and perfect for kids or those with more gentle ears. And the Bruno books (what few are left) would be apropos for any teen-to-twenty-something depressed overthinking people you have in your life.

For the rest, T-shirts and mugs.


best, -Christopher


  1. Corpore Metal

    Tip 947 in tough guy tactics and intimidation: *Never* say “butter pats” in any sentence in front of your opponents or victims.

    It just sucks all the wind out of any cool badassery you’re trying to establish. Go ahead, just picture Sam Jackson saying it in any movie he’s ever been in. I don’t think even Chuck Norris could pull this off.

  2. The inner parts of his ears must still be there, just not the outer part that concentrates sound. I’m sure his hearing is worse than it was before. And with all of Yuri’s weird creepy giggling and commentary, he probably is glad at this point.

    Mantis-Yuri is so freakin creepy.

  3. Christopher

    @Axonite, Ha! Well, when you’re a cruel bastard, you kinda EXPECT something like this to happen — being chased in the dark by a woman-now-laserblade-forearmed-praying-mantis who is wearing your severed ears. 🙂

  4. MinuteWalt

    @Christopher, This is just a general comment, not about the latest strip (which is great), but I just want to say: this is an immensely satisfying comic. I’ll intentionally not read it for a while so I can read a few one after the other on my breaks at work. I hope you sell a lot of merch this holiday (and I hope you have a nice holiday yourself!)

    @Corpore Metal, I don’t want to be turned into butter pats. Especially if Chuck Norris was telling me that’s what he was going to do to me, because I’d BELIEVE him.

  5. Corpore Metal


    Well, from my viewing of the strip, especially in the abrupt transition between Flineous’ utterance and her gusts of laughter, to me it looks like that’s that reason why she’s laughing: Flineous said “butter pats.” It just seems like an utterly absurd thing to say after you just laser whipped someone’s arm and leg off.

    It’s not that she’s serenely confident that she’ll win the fight or that she holds all the cards, it’s not that she’s bonkers again, not entirely anyway, it’s just that she can’t help but laugh at the juxtaposition of it.

    Again, just picture Chuck Norris, after big beat down of some bad guy. He’s victorious and he’s holding a gun to guy’s head. Everything grows silent, the camera looks up at him. along that cold, cold barrel and you can see his grim face, you can see death waiting there.

    Then he says, “Butter pats.”

    How can you not laugh hysterically at that?!

    Oh never mind. I guess you had to be there.

  6. JKCarroll

    When I saw panel 12, with Yuri laughing maniacally, I’m reminded of something a Jewish Mother I knew said to me in a similar situation:

    “It’s nice you have a hobby to keep you happy.”

  7. Lord Morgue

    I notice Flineous has his tail wrapped around one leg to stop it from getting burnt by his jet-pack’s exhaust. Nice touch…

    You know, I’d been thinking she’s going to graft his tail onto her body, but then I thought of something he’d miss more, and then I thought of something she could do to him with it, and then I thought I should stop thinking, but then I remembered she’s an ecchi Japanese internet otaku and was probably thinking the same thing. OH GOD WHERE IS THE RUM SHUT UP BRAIN

  8. Night-Gaunt

    I called it a force lash or if it is made of nano-wire, it will cut nearly anything. I understand why Yuri is laughing, I would to at that point. Not a funny moment for Flineus. Such laughter at that time in the battle must infuriate him. That can lead to a mistake. Like the zero-g battle where it can take place on any angle or plain of attack.

  9. TB

    Of course he said “butter pats.” “Earth comparisons” aside, he’s sort of a cat. Dairy products are probably always on his mind.

    If he was more familiar with various Earth cultures, he probably would have said “sushi.”

    Wait…interstellar civilization doesn’t have sushi, but it has butter?

  10. TheTechnical

    This episode reminded me of an Andromeda (IIRC) TV show episode where some villan used a monfiliament whip that was dangerous if dropped because it would cut right through the hull.

    But you have the praying mantis cyborg, a jet pack, gravity off, and insane laughter that the TV episode did not have. I really like the gravity off bit; it makes for great backgrounds during the fight.

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