12/12/11 – Locating Dimitri


Did I link to this? I don’t think I did because I was traveling at the time. Wasn’t I? This year has been such a blur. Anyhow, over at MAD Magazine’s “The Idiotical” they posted another “It Only Hurts When I Laugh” strip.

And there’s a planet, “Kepler-22b,” which seems very similar to ours. As a sci-fi writer, I will file this away in my head for future potential stories.

And speaking of space travel, for all of you gullible fools who still believe we’ve landed on the moon (pfeh!), here is actual documented proof of the NASA conspiracy.



    I would do the same thing Emily did to Krep. Serves that grumpy bitching cyclop right to get caught off guard, panel 8 is so funny for that reason. Yay for Emily’s straight-forwardness!

  2. Corpore Metal

    Yeah, I wonder if that traffic cop will let Dustin out.

    Emily is not really a planner, she’s a doer. She also not really much of a listener either. Being a paranoid loner, she’s probably never really had to listen other people’s ideas or input on decisions most of the time. I assume this would be a problem for her but most of time she’s a bad ass fighter that she’s never really had to deal with complications.

    I think it’s really only with Pierrot that her “make it up as you go along and damn the torpedoes” behavior is not working out. She falls for him, gets overprotective, locks him up in the GOB Assembly building and never once really explains her plan to him or asks him for alternatives or advice.

    Then she just assumes he’s fine after it all falls apart because she can still talk to him by the ring. She didn’t really *talk* to him.

    In a way she’s kind like a stereotypical male.

  3. JKCarroll

    @Frank, I don’t think Dusty will be receiving the ticket. Most traffic cops have rules against letting pets in the vehicles out of their cages unless they are in imminent danger.

    And Emily’s move reminds me of Keenen Ivory Wayans in “Most Wanted” just before he jumps off the building with a chute: “I’m a Marine! We don’t plan, we improvise!”

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