12/07/11 Krep and Emily Reach Kppfing


Hey, it occurred to me. My readership here is about 3 times the size of when I did my comic “Little Dee,” and so many of you might not know that strip (or my comic “Bruno”). “Little Dee” was designed to be a classic newspaper strip, heartwarming but weird enough for bothΒ  kids AND adults to like it. It ended in 2010, but I’m currently re-running it with author commentary. It did pretty well in readers and reviews, and was even under contract with United Syndicate for a year. So, anyhow, here’s a sampler. For links: The STRIPS. The ORIGINAL ARTWORK FOR SALE. The STORE.


  1. Eris Lobo

    Dee, meet Calvin.
    Ted, meet Hobbes.

    Dear LORD, this is a funny strip! And SO sweet! I officially now put you and Bill Watterson in the same league!!! (I’ve considered you totally top notch before now, but this, my good sir, makes you a comic-strip god in my eyes).

    Thank you, Chris, for making sure we didn’t miss one of the best strips in years that I didn’t know existed. *sighs happily and gets back to reading*

  2. Lukas

    I’m not sure, but I seem to be lost.

    Martina and Red-9 are at the space station in Brograhms teeth, trying to figure out what goes on there and stopping it.

    But where is it exactly, that Dimitri faked his and the other eebs’ death?

    And now that Kuu-Drakh has been fatally wounded (I don’t believe a word You say!), what are Emily and Krep doing exactly?

  3. CBob

    Lukas- The gang landed outside Kppfing, the city the ferry to Brograhm’s Teeth is based out of. Martina, Red 9, Dimitri and the eebs all went into the city while Gurf, Emily, Krep, and Yuki camped outside to guard the ship.

    Once inside the city, Martina and Red-9 queued up for the ferry, while Dimitri and the eebs found a hotel nearby to hole up in. I think the plan was for Martina and Red 9 to recon and secure the station, so once that was done Dimitri could bring the eebs up in safety. That’s where Dimitri is now, and where he faked his and the eebs’ deaths.

    Gurf, Krep, and Emily left the campsite in the shuttles to intercept and hold off the GOB military in orbit so that Martina and Red 9 could take off safely, leaving Yuki behind to mind the ship. Kuu Drakh then called a cease fire so that Emily could meet with him in person somewhere back down on the planet.

    In this strip, Emily and Krep were doing a flyover of the city to check on their people on the ground before returning to the battle above, and are now shot down on the roof of a building somewhere near Dimitri’s hotel.

  4. Christopher

    @Luka, what @CBob said pretty much. Um, the GOB base where most of them went was actually in the opposite direction of Kppfing. Dimitri went to Kppfing to keep the eebs in their care out of safety as well as to safeguard the Eeb DNA suitcase. Martina, Red-9, and cornflower-94 went into Brograhm’s teeth to see what evil thing was happening at the GOB base there and maybe shut it down. Emily and Krep came to save Dimitri as they heard a battalion of GOB went to Kppfing to get Dimitri and eebs.

    I admit, it is complex, but my HOPE is that when read in compiled (book) form, it will be easier to follow. It’s one of those “trying to write a webcomic which will also be something read AFTER it’s been a webcomic” kind-of-thing.

    my SUGGESTIONS: re-read the last several months. πŸ™‚

  5. salamurai

    For not liking “Little Dee”, we command a pox on thee, me! (wait, that opens up all kinds of weird psychological issues.)

    I love Little Dee. I have all the books and reread bits of them from time to time. I was sad when it ended. I was glad it came back (even in reruns – especially with the art shown larger). It reminds me of “Calvin & Hobbes” and “Frumpy the Clown” and the stranger adventures in “Bloom County”. It’s the only strip that makes me laugh with every installment.

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