01/04/12 Finding Dimitri Gone


(**EDIT** colored and finished version now uploaded) As you may notice, the strip is not all the way colored, seems the queen is still painting the roses red. The finished strip should be up within 2 hours TOPS.

For that reason, I won’t spend too much time blogging today. Thank you for the advice regarding the Kindle (and Nook and Pandigital). I am definitely interested in b&w, for ease on the eyes. But your discussion led me to go to my public library’s website and see what devices their files are compatible on. Every kind of file is compatible on every device except Kindle. Except Kindle files ONLY work on Kindle and no other devices.

It’s an interesting choice on Kindle’s path, and no doubt inspired by MAC who knew their presence was strong enough that they could make buyers feel their way was inevitable (where else will one buy ebooks if not Amazon?). I have a personal/professional reasons why it would be good to get a kindle or to get something else. I’ll continue to ponder.

Heh. not that I can afford to buy, but I might budget it in if I feel it’s useful and warranted enough.


  1. skythorn

    I am wondering how a spurned entomological girlfriend insect will respond to this discovery – will she behave like an being who is segmented (entomos) or a being who is cut into pieces (entomos) , or a being who is a badly made patio(logia )

    For those who know that Wikipedia is your friend Entomology is derived from the Greek ???????, entomos, “that which is cut in pieces or engraved/segmented”, hence “insect”; and -?????, -logia.

  2. I’ve got to wonder if Emily and Krep even heard any of that. Also, regarding the ereaders – you can also get a free kindle reading app for your desktop if there is some kindle content you absolutely must have which is not available in other formats.

  3. I went back and re-read your blog entry from yesterday. I completely blanked on the whole “ending spacetrawler sometime this year” business. Maybe if I can pretend you never said that it won’t happen? I can’t bear the thought of no more spacetrawler!

  4. CompaniaHill

    Regarding the end of Spacetrawler: Chris has been pretty clear from the start that he was planning a three-year story, to fit into three books. I wouldn’t complain if the story stretches a bit into year four, because I know I’ll continue to buy each of the books as they become available, and I also know that I’ll look forward to his next project (whatever it is).

    Regarding e-readers and DRM: You’d think Amazon would learn from Apple’s DRM experience (hint, Apple eventually removed all DRM from all iTunes Store downloads), but apparently not. Imagine buying a book/CD/DVD and only being able to read/listen/watch it X number of times. Ugh. I vote with my dollars, so I don’t plan to ever spend a single cent on a Kindle or a KindleBook. But that’s just me. YMMV. I did download the free Kindle app for my laptop, and “borrowed” a friend’s KindleBook. It’s an odd process, requiring both of us to go to the Amazon website to both initiate and complete the “loan”, then letting it download to my laptop where I could read it, then reversing the process to “return” it back to its original “owner.” But it worked, and I read the book, so whatever. I can see the value in using it to occasionally get access to material I would otherwise be cut off from.

  5. Efed

    If your library system uses Overdrive for its e-books (and Seattle does) you can download to a Kindle. Amazon set that up earlier in 2011. If you are using a Canadian library though, you are still SOL.

  6. GA MacDonald

    Hi, regarding the kindle other file use – there’s a program called Calibre available for free download that will convert files to whatever format you desire. Enjoy! (Love the strip.)

  7. Selena

    Regarding the Kindle. Don’t know which public library you use but some of them now support the Kindle. We at Los Angeles Public just added that a couple months ago. Check with your librarian for any chance of that in the future. By the time you’re ready for it, the library might be ready as well.

  8. I thought I had heard of that sort of overcoat before.
    Notice how Franz keeps his word.

    [quote]Franz Reichelt (1879ā€“1912), a tailor, fell to his death off the first deck of the Eiffel Tower while testing his invention, the coat parachute. It was his first ever attempt with the parachute and he had told the authorities in advance that he would test it first with a dummy.


  9. Gillsing

    A gun in every tentacle? That’s such cheating. šŸ˜‰

    But that’s not why I’m commenting. I’m commenting because dictionary.com says that the contracted form of “damn it” is spelled “dammit” and not “damnit” (as one would’ve thought). And in panel 9 it says “damnit”. Just pointing that out in case you’d prefer to conform to the official spelling of the word.

  10. Christopher

    @AFK_Tavern, I’d never heard of Baen, thank you! And when I have a pub date for book 2, I’ll be contacting you, hopefully no blizzard this year. šŸ˜‰

    @Plane, that would be “gowl daymnit.”

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